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  robbo1987 10:41 01 Jan 2010

Hi guys,
just installed an Asus 6200LE 256MB pci-e card on a friends computer because they needed something that could connect to the tv...

so, its all installed and updated drivers etc but on dual view mode through an s-video lead the tv just shows a black screen, when the pc boots it shows the loading screens on both the tv and monitor so i know it must be set up correctly. but no matter how many different settings i try it just appears black, it flickers a little bit if i attempt to click and drag a window onto the tv but thats it. ive tried changing the pal settings and im pretty much at a loose end as for what to try next?

  howard64 11:41 01 Jan 2010

it could be the resolution you have your monitor set to. The tv may not be able to show it. Right click a blank area on the monitor then properties then settings and adjust the slider to different screen sizes.

  Graphicool1 18:29 01 Jan 2010
  GaT7 18:38 01 Jan 2010

howard64 could be right I think. Start with the lowest possible resolution - usually 800*600 - & work your way up.

If the TV is a LCD/TFT, it'll have the best picture & text quality when set at its native resolution. G

  robbo1987 18:40 01 Jan 2010

ahh ok thanks for the info i will give it a try, i think i did try a lower resolution but i cant remember. and it is a lcd tv, quite a large one aswell.

  GaT7 18:59 01 Jan 2010

Move the resolution slider to the extreme left in Display Properties - this will be the lowest.

Only then connect/switch-on the TV.

If it works, increase it to its native resolution (provide TV make & model if you need help with this). G

  robbo1987 09:56 03 Jan 2010

Ive tried with the lowest resolution, there are only 2 resolutions available anyway, one being 800-600 and the next 1024 by 768, both of these dont work, the output hz is 60, this is the only one available in the nvidia control panel. however if i attempt to drag a screen onto the tv the flickering is when its on 800-600

i will try however waiting to turn the tv on etc later, im not sure of the tv make and model at the moment but i will find out when i attempt to sort it again later.

thanks for the advice

  GaT7 16:53 03 Jan 2010

Let us know the make & model of the TV, & what cable you're using exactly to connect the two - a link to the latter may be useful. G

  robbo1987 17:00 03 Jan 2010

ok i am using a belkin s video lead which was £20 from a comet store, it also comes with a scart adapter and audio cable...

i also tried using the s-video via the scart adapter with the same results, but at the moment its going directly into the s-video port on the tv

the tv is a 40 or 42 inch tv and the make is ONN?

this is what my friend says it is anyway i didnt take note whilst i was there yesterday. hope this is enough info, i know the make isnt exacltly clear but when i go again ill check to make sure.

  GaT7 17:20 03 Jan 2010

Thanks for that. It should work with the cables &/or scart adapter you're using. In the past I've successfully connected a CRT TV using a scart adapter, s-video cable & RCA-jack cable (for sound).

Can you possibly try connecting the PC to another TV?

I was hoping it would be a better known brand so I could check for related info on the manufacturer's website. The only info I could find about Onn is that apparently a German company makes them click here. G

  robbo1987 17:27 03 Jan 2010

yeah ive succesfully done the same in the past, and on the setup i have on this machine with a nvidia card i have no problems whatsoever so i just dont get whats going on. i think they may have another tv in the house i can test on, i also have an spare/old graphics card with an s video output which i will try aswell to rule out any hardware issue's.

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