Graphics Card. HELP!

  natbow 18:14 15 Aug 2004

hi could anyone give me some advice. ive recently bought the sony vaio pcv-v1. although i am very happy with my purchase, i cant seem to get any games to play. THe graphics card my computer has is a SiS integrated graphics card, is there any way i can update this. Please help me!!

  alan227 18:42 15 Aug 2004

Go to this site for the latest drivers. click here

  GlynH 20:02 15 Aug 2004

Integrated gragpics are a drain on the system primarily as they share system resources such as the RAM and the processor time.

The best upgrade would be to buy an AGP graphics card, assuming your motherboard has an AGP slot (usually brown in colour, about 5 inches long and above the PCI slots). A separate graphics card has it's own dedicated graphics chip and ram so won't eat into the main computer resources (unless the graphics are dense)

If your board doesn't have an AGP slot, you can get PCI graphiocs cards that aren't as good as AGP ones, but are a damn sight better than shared. Look in your computer handbook to see your board's specs

I would go for as good a card as your budget allows, although I can't see the point of splashing out on one of the new £350 cards yet though. An ATI 9800 should be good enough (or NVidea equivalent) especially as they have come down in price.

At the end of the day, it just depends what sort of games you will be playing, but you will definitely see an improvement in buying a separate graphics card.

click here Looks like you might be in luck regarding the AGP expandability - you need to physically check this though before buying.

Look to spend around £135 for a Radeon 9800 Pro or equivalent (mid-high end) or £50 plus for a dencent low end card to tide you over.

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