graphics card for H P 7750

  mr gee 19:34 06 Jul 2007

Hi I have just bought a HP 7750 small form computer which included intergrated graphics ,,there is a spare slot to put a graphics card but with it being a small machine I dont know what to start looking for .
I am sure that you guys will know


  Totally-braindead 19:39 06 Jul 2007

Depending on how small it is you will need what is called a low profile graphics card. They are the same length as a standard card but are not as wide. There aren't that many of them. If I can find some I'll post back.

  Totally-braindead 19:45 06 Jul 2007

Heres a PCIE card click here and an AGP one click here

The thing is theres not a lot of choice and the cards are rather poor ones by todays standards. As far as I know you cannot get a high end low profile graphics card.

  mr gee 19:45 06 Jul 2007

cheers for that

  mr gee 19:48 06 Jul 2007

great help Totally-braindead thanks , for that at least I have an idea as to what to look for and to see if its even worth upgrading, just on the face of it doesnt seem so.

  umbongo(uk) 19:53 06 Jul 2007

your buggered mate it has pci slot , one to be exact
the most basic slot and expensive for old hardware like a gfx card
ill link you to some cards available to you
nvidia cards
click here

click here

as long as your box isnt too slim width ways you could get away with an ordinary card if its ultra slim youll have to get a low profile card it will say this in the cards description

as long as the case is a dvd drive in width an ordinary one will fit

please get back for what you wish to use it for ie games or ordinary dvds and desktop computing

  Totally-braindead 19:56 06 Jul 2007

It depends on the memory you have, at the moment you have onboard graphics which "steals/borrows" some of your system memory, to get that back alone may be a significant boost. All I'm trying to say is don't expect the graphics to get good enough to play the latest high end games cos I'm afraid it won't happen. But the graphics on say the 9250 should be a bit better than the onboard, just a bit.
Low profile is what you need. I would check that your PC needs a low profile one though. Drop HP an email and ask if you're unsure.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 06 Jul 2007

Ah if you haven't got an AGP slot or a PCIE slot then its a different story. I must admit I never checked your specs for your PC.

  umbongo(uk) 20:02 06 Jul 2007

the top card you can buy for your system is the 6200 on the page provided on nvidia gfx cards. will play most games (if tht what you want)on medium low settings .everything else like desktop and dvds will play fine also

  mr gee 20:53 06 Jul 2007

thanks fella's all a big help cheers

  Armchair 21:27 06 Jul 2007

The PCI nVidia 6200 has been bettered. Firstly by the ATI X1300, then the ATI X1550. There's also a PCI version of the nVidia 8500 GT, which is the best PCI gaming card by a mile.

click here

Dunno who's selling them, though. Or how much they cost. Or when they're actually on sale. Or whether it would fit in your case, lol!

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