Graphics card fan

  Liteman 16:17 09 Feb 2011

I have an Asus 9400GT graphics card in my PC which howls like a banshee, well the fan does. I have trawled the web looking for a replacement fan but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can get a 36mm fan to fit my card?

  Belatucadrus 17:13 09 Feb 2011

click here They have quite a range, the Arctic Cooling L2 Pro click here lists the 9400GT in its compatibility list. They may also be able to suggest other options.

  Liteman 17:27 09 Feb 2011

Thanks Belatucadrus, couldn't see one on their site so have emailed to ask. Will keep you posted.

  Rayuk 18:40 09 Feb 2011

Bit pricy even if its the one you require
click here

  Rayuk 18:47 09 Feb 2011

Dont think this is the one for you it states 36mm yet elsewhere is 38mm not a dedicated graphics fan.
Best bet as Belatucadrus linked, to third party cooler

  961 18:53 09 Feb 2011

Is the fan running at full speed all the time?

If so, does the card not have software to regulate the fan speed as needed according to how hard the card is working? If so, has this software failed or become corrupted?

Can you download updated software and see if that solves the problem?

  GaT7 19:01 09 Feb 2011

Worth a try reducing the fan speed as 961 suggests - here's a tutorial on how to do it click here.

Otherwise the Arctic one Belatucadrus linked to will be fine - unless you have a low-profile card/case. But only place I could find definite stock at is eBay (£15+) click here.

You could probably get a graphics card of the same calibre & price secondhand on eBay though click here. G

  961 19:07 09 Feb 2011

The fan on many graphics cards normally runs at very low speed unless you are playing games or doing video editing etc, when it will pick up speed

If you can't sort it, Crossbow7 suggestion of a replacement card is probably more likely to meet success than faffing about with replacing the fan on your current card

  Liteman 08:35 10 Feb 2011

I can't use the Arctic Cooling L2 Pro suggested by Belatucadrus as there is not enough room between the graphics card and the next card on the board and I have no vacant slots to move either card to. I appreciate that the easiest thing is to get another card, but for the sake of a 36mm fan in the middle of a vaned heatsink on a card that is only 18 months old and probably wouldn't cost much more than a fiver seems a bit extravagant. What I didn't make too clear is that it only really makes the noise for the first 10/12 minutes after switch on, it then drops down to a bit of a groan, I have disconnected the power to the fan and it is definitely this one that is making the noise (I've now reconnected it)

  Belatucadrus 18:14 12 Feb 2011

Try contacting Asus, if it's a dodgy fan they may supply a replacement.

  robin_x 23:49 12 Feb 2011

Try oiling it if it comes apart.

click here

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