Graphics card failing

  bionicle 20:27 25 Oct 2013

I have windows 7 professional and have had a problem with the graphics card for past 2 years in that it closes the system down when using a PC game presumably due to overheating. Not a problem as the kids prefer x-box for gaming and system works ok with other applications. Additionally occasionally there is a real rattle from PC at boot up ( from graphics card I think). Recently been having some occasions when Windows wont load and error screen attempts repairs usually allowing access to windows. My question is could this be causing the problems with windows loading. Thinking of buying a new graphics card and installing this myself assuming this is easy for a novice like myself to do.

  alanrwood 11:35 26 Oct 2013

Unlikely to be the graphics card itself making the noise but it might be the fan on it. Try replacing that first, much cheaper. Open up the case and listen on boot up to try and determine where it is coming from. It might be the processor fan or the hard drive (unlikely if you have had this problem for 2 years).

  bionicle 12:32 26 Oct 2013

Thanks alanrwood. I have had the case off and it is the fan on the graphics card that is noisy. As a novice it looks to me that I just need to undo a couple of retaining screws, remove it and slot a new one in. Bit loath to shell out if this is not the reason for the boot up problem. I wonder if I should get a repair tech person to deal with it.

  wee eddie 13:51 26 Oct 2013

bionicl: a replacement fan will cost less than a Tech's fees and the 'boot' problem may not be related anyway

  wee eddie 13:56 26 Oct 2013

bionicl: a replacement fan will, very likely, cost less than a Tech's fees and the 'boot' problem may not be related anyway

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