Graphics card driver error in device manager.

  Eargasm 17:31 11 Nov 2010

Hi All
Trying to sort out a friends computer, Packard Bell Imedia 1625 XP Home the Graphics card is a ATI Radeon 9250 device manager shows a yellow mark no driver installed ( error code 10) i can download the latest driver and install it no problem and the error disappears from device manager but the error returns when i reboot the computer.
I have removed the graphics card and used the onboard graphics but the problem is the same with that driver installs and then is not installed after a reboot.
I have tried a system restore but none of the previous dates work. Anyone any ideas how to solve ?

  GaT7 18:30 11 Nov 2010

When did this start happening?

Has there been any changes at all - software &/or hardware-related - since this problem began?

What's the exact model of this PBI PC? I'm interested in the the long code beginning with PT.

I once had similar driver conflicts between Creative soundcard drivers & ATI GPU drivers. One or the other would work normally, but not both at the same time. I think I eventually resolved it by changing the sound/GPU drivers - used older driver versions that didn't clash. G

  Eargasm 18:50 11 Nov 2010

not sure how long this has been going on it's not my PC, cant see any number on it beginning with PT it just has Model UTOW-San 956490
PB 13307401
It has just flashed up some windows errors and now CHKDSK is running i could not get SFC /SCANNOW to run.

  GaT7 20:56 11 Nov 2010

Ask your friend if there were any changes since the problems began. At times a simple driver update can cause problems. Was he always using the Radeon 9250 or was it a new install? Or, did the problems start out of the blue with no apparent reason?

The reason I asked for the exact model number was to check if there are any integrated graphics drivers available at the PB site to download & try - sometimes using their own/older drivers can help. If you check using this link click here, you'll find that all the iMedia desktop model numbers/codes begin with PT. G

  Eargasm 21:13 11 Nov 2010

Thanks for the link, this model is around 7 or 8 years old and not listed on the PB website, The label has IMEDIA 1625 Model UTOW-SAN
The graphics card has been in since new, when switching on a few days ago the monitor was blank, i now have it up and running and all seems well except the device manager error.

  Eargasm 22:56 12 Nov 2010

I finally sorted it, but had to do a fresh install of windows ( just 2 days of updates to go now ! )

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