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  SloJo 21:07 19 Feb 2005

I have just bought a new game (Fifa 2005) for my PC which is causing it to crash. The manual says I should ensure that my graphics card has the latest driver installed. My graphics card is nvidia 64 MB Geforce3 Ti200 which came with the computer when I bought it 3 yrs ago. How should I go about downloading the new driver (beginner's guide please) and ensuring that it is suitable for my card? I have checked nvidia's website and there is a latest driver to download but I cannot see that they say it is suitable for my card. Any assistance appreciated - please keep it simple!!!

  g0nvs 21:13 19 Feb 2005

Here you go, click here

  FelixTCat 22:00 19 Feb 2005

nVidia and Ati now write drivers that work for just about all their chipsets. It is normally only specialised chipsets that need different drivers (and, often, laptops).

You may find that your card won't run the game too well - check the game's website for minimum specifications.

  Totally-braindead 22:29 19 Feb 2005

Before you download the driver g0nvs has given you the link to do you run either win 200 or xp cos thats what the link is for, if you're needing a driver for ME or 98 then you want this one click here both links should work for your card but you must choose the one for your operating system. Download it to the desktop, double click it, it will install and overwrite your old driver, you may have to restsrt the computer and that should be it. Suggest you do as FelixTCat has said though and check what the specification is for this game.

  SloJo 11:26 20 Feb 2005

Thanks for the help so far.

Some progress to report. I downloaded the driver successfully and the game no longer crashes when I start it.

But...the screen now flickers very badly making the game virtually unplayable.

Also, I tried running Fifa 2002 which used to work fine and that now flickers as well, though not as badly as 2005.

Any suggestions? Thanks again in advance.

  Totally-braindead 12:46 20 Feb 2005

Check the refresh rate of your monitor by doing this, right click on desktop, left click on Properties, left click on settings then advanced, go to monitor, make sure that whatever monitor that is dislayed is the one you have and alter the refresh rate to 75hertz. You may have to restart the computer, try the game again and post back with the result.

  SloJo 22:15 20 Feb 2005

@ Totally-braindead

I tried doing as you suggested but it hasn't helped.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again

  SloJo 14:02 21 Feb 2005

Update - received the following from EA support:

"This problem is most likely caused by the vertical sync settings on your video adapter.

Right click your desktop, select properties, then settings, then advanced, a second box will appear, click the geforce tab.

A smaller box will appear on the left of this box, select performance and quality in the small box then select vertical sync from the list in the main box, (you may have to scroll down to find this).

Now uncheck the small box in the bottom left hand corner of this main box, (it say's application controlled next to it).

Now move the slider just above this to the off position.

click apply, close these boxes and try running the game again."

I'll try this tonight and update you

  The Sack 14:07 21 Feb 2005

When installing an nVidia driver you must fully uninstall the old one first, do not just over write the old one as it can lead to all kinds of problems.

  SloJo 14:19 21 Feb 2005


Just doing a bit of research on the net - apparently this is a widespread problem. Saw another solution here click here as follows:

"I finally managed to solve the problem with the laggy display while playing fifa 2005 with the new nvidia 66.93 drivers.

You don't have to roll back your nvidia driver like some people are suggesting. All you have to do is go to your nvidia performance and quality settings, click on antialiasing settings, remove the tick on the application controlled and set to 4x.

that solves the problem! Enjoy the game now with the new nvidia drivers!!"

I'll see if it works but thought I'd copy it for the benefit of anyone else with similar problems

  SloJo 13:40 22 Feb 2005

I followed the advice from EA and the game is now working fine. Thanks for all the suggestions though!

There is another problem I have had since downloading the new driver, which is that I do not seem to be able to get DVDs to work. InterDVD says that I do not have a decoder (whatever that might be) and Windows Media Player just crashes.

Any ideas what to do?

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