Graphics Card doesn't seem to work

  [DELETED] 18:54 03 May 2004

I have just reinstalled Windows ME on a clean 'C'drive and after a couple of days have managed to install most of the neccessary items for the computer to run OK. All except the graphics card (I think). All the written word seems OK but the pictures are only just visible. Everything is too big as well. Using 'Settings'in 'Display' in 'Control Panel' it is set at 16 colors and 640 by 480 and I can't change it. My monitor is 17inch. Also, in the Device Manager under "Display Adapters" there is a yellow '!' against "S3Inc. Trio 3D\2X 362\368 V1.00.34". and under "Other Devices" there is a large yellow question mark and also a yellow question mark against PCI Multimedia Device....PCI Multimedia Video Device....USB Device. My Graphic card disc says, Graphic Master, Accelerator, Model No 213...I hope one of you kind gentlemen can help me on this. Thanks in anticipation and please try to make any questions not too technical........

  [DELETED] 19:19 03 May 2004

I think that you probably need to load your MoBo drivers so that it recognises the AGP slop and hence, your Graphics card.

  [DELETED] 19:21 03 May 2004

Sorry slop should of course be slot.

  [DELETED] 19:23 03 May 2004

Thanks Agent Smith. Will try that now.

  [DELETED] 19:32 03 May 2004

the yellow ex mark means that it is not working,usualy a driver issue.i would run any cd you got with the pc,all your drivers will be on the cd,s.on board graphics will be on the motherboard cd,if it is a seperate graphics card it might have its own should sort out all those nasty yellow ex marks for peace of mind that everything will work as it should.good luck.peter.

  [DELETED] 20:35 03 May 2004

It is almost certain that you have the wrong graphics driver, but I can't find any reference to Graphic Master Model No 213. Can you read any identifying marks on your graphics card?

  [DELETED] 20:51 03 May 2004

Thank you very much for your replies.
I have tried installing the drivers for these things to no avail.
The writing on the Graphic card reads:- Graphic Master...Video Graphics Adapter software driver...3D Excellent entertainment & MuLTI-MeDia...Model No : 213 Accelerator.....I'm wondering if I have got the correct driver here...
I gave my son my second computer last week and perhaps I gave him the driver disc for this machine. Any more thoughts?...

  [DELETED] 21:15 03 May 2004

Tittlemouse. Have a look at the disk in Windows Explorer. I would expect it to have a file called something.inf, or Setup.exe. If it is Setup.exe, then you may be able to double click that file and installation may then be automatic. If instead there is a something.inf (not autorun.inf), then you may be able to install the card via the "Add new hardware" wizard, and when you click "Have disk", it could be that this something.inf file is the one the installer is looking for.

Before you try to install the graphics driver, right click on the desktop, select "Properties - Settings - Advanced - Adapter - Change - Next - Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location etc. - Next - Show all hardware - (standard display types) - Standard Display Adaper (VGA), and accept that one whatever warnings you get. Then look in Device Manager and delete any references to Display Adapters and reboot your computer. This will hopefully get rid of any wrong drivers you have installed.

  [DELETED] 21:39 03 May 2004

Thanks Gongoozler. Will have to print your reply out to follow it but I have not loaded my printer yet so will do that now. Sorry about the delay.

  [DELETED] 22:55 03 May 2004

I have tried to follow your instructions Gongoozler but have not managed it. I will have to have another go tomorrow sometime. Thank you very much for trying.

  [DELETED] 23:04 03 May 2004

Hi Tittlemouse. Have you managed to get your graphics set to "Standard Display Adaper (VGA)" ?.

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