Graphics card crashing when put under load

  thorny266 18:46 18 Aug 2018

Parts list:

i7 3770k at stock clock, 16gb ram, 1050ti at stock, evga 850 g2, Windows 10


Anytime I start a game say team fortress 2 or alien colonial marines, the screen will flash a few times while trying to load the intro and then the graphics card will crash with a code 43 error. The graphics card is connected and powered up, fans aren't moving but I'm not sure if they would at a steady 26c. Before starting a game, it shows in device manager and hardwaremonitor fine. I'm using HDMI through the graphics card and that works fine for normal browsing. When the card does crash, I can still use it for browsing and such without moving the hdmi cable or restarting.

What I've tried so far:

Re-installed graphic drivers, uninstalled graphic card from device manager and re-added, cleaned PC physically, replaced the graphics card so this is the 2nd new 1050ti, replaced power lead and tried different power port on PSU, ran driver booster and updated all drivers for other things on comp, reinstalled windows 10, pulled power lead to comp and held down power button for a minute, removed all graphical settings via DDU

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions

  KEITH 1955 12:14 19 Aug 2018

choose a game you know will crash and put ALL graphics settings and effects to lowest possible , if your game does not crash I would agree with rdave13 it points to not a big enough psu………. you don't say how big your psu is.

  wee eddie 13:03 19 Aug 2018

Regardless of the Temperature Readings.

Have you taken the Cover off the Graphics Card and cleaned the Heat Exchanger

  thorny266 14:40 19 Aug 2018


Yeh I used gefore experience to start with and still using it for the graphics drivers, only used driver booster to bulk update all the other drivers just incase it was something else.

PSU is the evga 850 g2 so 850w, I wouldn't of thought it would be insufficient for this build unless it's faulty?

As this is the new graphics card and happened with the old one, is there going to be much to clean? I'll try taking the cover off and seeing if there owt to clean.


  KEITH 1955 15:45 19 Aug 2018

my rig runs a gtx 1080 , it was built by pc specialists and the build sequence said 650 watt psu was adequate and that was giving a 10% safety margin for everything in my rig running flat out , but of course it never runs flat out.

if you think your psu is the cause of your problems I found this article for you

click here

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