Graphics Card Crash?

  colosseum 12:48 10 Nov 2005

After about 2 -3 mins into a game my monitor goes black and tells me its going into sleep mode, then the PC locks up.

Can any one help?

Got a new motherboard installed (AsRock Socket 478 VIA P4M0) - I bust my old one. So I thought while I was at it Id update my old nVidia GeForce 5200 FX graphics Card to a X700 pro 128mb.

My PC just crashes when I load a game up, Coh, WoW or even X2: The threat.

Ive tried the card in other machines and its fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)

  PaulB2005 12:51 10 Nov 2005

Did you clean install Windows or just plug everything adn switch on?

Did you install the new motherbaord drivers?

Is your PSU powerful enough for the new hardware?

  gudgulf 13:23 10 Nov 2005

You have a VIA chipset.....there is a known problem with VIA chipsets and AGP 8x click here

There are many other threads on the VIA Arena forums about this.

The best solution seems to be going into the NVidia control panel and setting your AGP acceleration to 4x (this worked for me with a VIA chipset and an ATI 9600pro card)

Your graphics performance will not be affected at all by doing this.

You should also set FastWrites to Disabled as this can also be a cause of random crashes and freezes when playing games.

  gudgulf 13:26 10 Nov 2005

Sorry just noticed you have now got an ATI card....go into the ATI control panel,click on the SmartGart tab and you can change the AGP/fastwrite setting from there.

  colosseum 09:01 11 Nov 2005

Thanks gudgolf

Setting my AGP acceleration to 4x did the trick. Bit annoyed with ARIA (they STRONGLY my new mother board to me).

I guess at the end of the day they're only in this game to make a profit and if they can get rid of some crapy old stock to some stupid customers - hay where's the harm.

Thanks again :)

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