Graphics card compatibility! Need advice!

  JoshuaLeivers 00:10 10 Aug 2014

I was looking to buy a PC (click here and people on this site gave me advice saying I might need to upgrade the graphics card and I need to know if the graphics card I found on Amazon (click here would be compatible with the PC. I'm not exactly a tech expert so I don't know (and not actually being able to look inside the PC because I haven't bought it yet doesn't really help) so if you know, help please!

  JoshuaLeivers 11:50 10 Aug 2014

What do you mean by "Bottlenecking"? I am only just starting off in the PC gaming world so some of these things I do not understand.

  Ian in Northampton 12:26 10 Aug 2014

Joshua: a bottleneck in the PC world is the same as a bottleneck on the roads - too much traffic trying to get along too small a road, causing tailbacks. There are various things within a PC that can cause a bottleneck. In many, it's the graphics card - the graphics card just isn't good enough to process all the data that's being sent to it, so performance deteriorates. However, another possible bottleneck is the processor - again, it's not powerful enough to process all the data that's required. A somewhat common phenomenon is that, in order to improve gaming performance, someone will upgrade their graphics card in order to remove that bottleneck - and then the CPU becomes the bottleneck, because it can't process data fast enough to send to the more powerful graphics card, which is thus, to some extent, wasted. That's why it's all about balancing a system's design- processor and graphics card in perfect harmony, with both used at close to their optimum. Other potential bottlenecks in system are insufficient memory, and disk speed.

  JoshuaLeivers 14:02 10 Aug 2014

Thanks for the help!

  JoshuaLeivers 10:43 16 Aug 2014

Would the computer with that graphics card work with Space Engineers?

  JoshuaLeivers 10:43 16 Aug 2014

Would the computer with that graphics card work with Space Engineers?

  chub_tor 12:32 16 Aug 2014

If you look at the Space Engineers website you will see that the minimum recommended graphics card is a HD3870 with a preferred HD 7800. The card in the machine you have listed is a HD 6450 and if you look at this comparison you will see that this card is not suitable for Space Engineers.

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