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Graphics card choice - MEG v MHZ ?

  dagbladet 19:29 27 Dec 2005

My daughter was dissapointed to find that her Sims2 expansion packs crashed my machine. I've got a bit over the minimum specs and a shade over the recommended specs. I've downloaded patches, updated the mobo chipset and dvr's, updated the graphic card dvr's, updated the sound dvr's, rolled back all of the above, run dx-diag, un-installed, re-installed, sworn, seriously considered dipping the cats tail into my coffee when it jumped on the keyboard....suffice to say i'm all out of ideas. Sims forum boards suggest that this is a common problem with no definitive answer (although, "make sure you have the latest drivers" is a common theme). I'm now considering upgrading the graphics card, and this brings me to my problem. I just sort of assumed that more megabytes = more money. Not so apparently. I can find a 256m card for £40 and a 128m for £100. There is obviously another element to this. Can anybody advise me please. To save time my machine spec is here click here I'm looking to spend about £40-50 on card and get another 512 of RAM. Thanks.

  dagbladet 23:08 27 Dec 2005

Okay Skyver, having a look through the logs now. It is apparent where I have hit the power switch, but no reason for the crash. I'll keep looking.

007 - While I was going to double the memory from 512 - 1gig, I hadn't considered that the memory was duff. How do I test it?

  dagbladet 23:20 27 Dec 2005

OK 007 i'll give that a bash. Skyver, like I say, the re-boots are there but not the crash that led to them.

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