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Graphics card choice - MEG v MHZ ?

  dagbladet 19:29 27 Dec 2005

My daughter was dissapointed to find that her Sims2 expansion packs crashed my machine. I've got a bit over the minimum specs and a shade over the recommended specs. I've downloaded patches, updated the mobo chipset and dvr's, updated the graphic card dvr's, updated the sound dvr's, rolled back all of the above, run dx-diag, un-installed, re-installed, sworn, seriously considered dipping the cats tail into my coffee when it jumped on the keyboard....suffice to say i'm all out of ideas. Sims forum boards suggest that this is a common problem with no definitive answer (although, "make sure you have the latest drivers" is a common theme). I'm now considering upgrading the graphics card, and this brings me to my problem. I just sort of assumed that more megabytes = more money. Not so apparently. I can find a 256m card for £40 and a 128m for £100. There is obviously another element to this. Can anybody advise me please. To save time my machine spec is here click here I'm looking to spend about £40-50 on card and get another 512 of RAM. Thanks.

  dagbladet 20:31 27 Dec 2005


  dagbladet 21:33 27 Dec 2005

Thanks for answering all. There is no warning to the crashes. The sound just jams like a stuck record ad infinitum. Usually the game visual part of the game will keep going for a while. However, most often I will have to hold the power button in for 10 and re-boot as everything has locked up. I have seen A 9550 for £40 but started to get confused between RAM, and chipsets etc. I don't really know what I should be buying except to say that the budget is £50.

  dagbladet 21:34 27 Dec 2005

Sorry, that is a RADEON 9550

256MB DDR.

  dagbladet 21:44 27 Dec 2005

See this is where i'm not 'getting' graphics cards. The one in 007's link is a 6200, 256 meg card. The one that SGA is talking about is a 6200 256. Is it just a better/lesser brand thing like say a 256 meg SD memory card, or is there a lot more to it?

  woodchip 21:44 27 Dec 2005

Not the above posts but the thread title that intrigues me



MEG I don’t know what you are looking at for the, it may be memory size!!!!????

  dagbladet 21:53 27 Dec 2005

Thats the crux of it woodchip. The blurb explained how it has come about that for the first time in my 7-8 years of computering, I need to buy a graphics card. The title is about the fact that I'm confused with all the numbers. Using the SD memory card analogy again, the more megabytes, the more expensive. However, while researching prices for graphics cards it became apparent that the memory of the card was just one element.

  woodchip 21:57 27 Dec 2005

Yes that should be MHZ

  dagbladet 22:15 27 Dec 2005

OK DieSse

Given my meagre budget, should I be looking for 128 with a bigger chipset number, or 256 with a lower one? Do you see what I mean?

  dagbladet 22:31 27 Dec 2005

Thats what I wanted to know, thanks.

  dagbladet 22:43 27 Dec 2005

Tried badhair. Everytime I would try something, she would play the game and for 10 minutes I was the cleverest dad in the world, then...ergh ERGH. Of course there's no knowing if a new graphics card is going to fix it. I'm sort of clutching at straws now.

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