Graphics card AGP slots & RAM types

  [DELETED] 23:28 23 Oct 2003

I need to upgrade my graphics card (currently NVidia TNT2 64M 32Mb). I have been able to ascertain that it features a 2X AGP slot connection. Is it correct to surmise from this that the motherboard will only accept graphics cards with a 2X connection, or does the fact that I have an AGP slot on the motherboard mean that it will accept 4X and 8X AGP cards too?

Incidentally, does it matter that that my RAM is an old slower type, but modern graphics cards use faster DDR, etc? I.e. will the internal system RAM effectively cancel out the benefits of the faster card-based RAM, or are the two unrelated?

  sil_ver 23:47 23 Oct 2003

You can fit any graphics card you like but it will only run at 2X. I might be wrong but the DDR RAM on the graphics card is to take the load off your system ram so I guess the only performance limitation will be your CPU.

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