Graphics Card Advice Please

  MercyLink 17:50 17 Dec 2004


I built a new PC about this time last year (Well november to be exact) and it has a GeForce FX59000 graphics card.

I dont know what to do and I was wondering if you could help me:

Do I:

1) Wait for PCIExpress boards to come out and buy one of those and a whole new PC so everything is faster.

2) Buy a graphics card now on AGP and stick with my existing PC.

I havent really noticed any slowdown in games performance with the newer titles but I cant help thinking that I could push the graphics a bit more.

What should I do? Any alternative suggestions welcome!

  MercyLink 17:52 17 Dec 2004

Forgot to mention, my setup is:

-AMD Athlon XP 3000+
-1Gb DDR Ram (Configured in Dual Channel)
-2 SATA Hard Disks in a striped RAID.
-SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Sound Card.

  howard60 17:55 17 Dec 2004

you do not say what memory your graphics card is? But your system specs most users would think to be pretty good. If it aint broke etc. I have an xp3000 setup with only 512MB ram and 128MB graphics and that is pretty good.

  [DELETED] 18:17 17 Dec 2004

you haven't really noticed any slowdown in performance with the latest games, and yet you're considering building a whole new PC for gaming purposes?!?!
No offence intended, but it does seem a bit like a 'keeping up with the Jones' type job, rather than something you really need - I agree with howard60 - if it aint broke, don't fix it.
Even if you spend £350 on a graphics card, there will still be somebody somewhere with a more powerful system :-)

  Rayuk 18:18 17 Dec 2004

I would carry on with that system for while till the PCI Express motherboards have any faults ironed out always best to get 2nd version of new chipset motherboards.

  MercyLink 11:40 19 Dec 2004

Thanks for the advice. I have decided to wait for PCI express.

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