Graphics card advice? anyone

  burgyman 09:59 05 Mar 2010

Hi,i currently have a HIS ATI Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo 512MB GDDR3,the fan has gone wrong on it,and the manufacturer (his) want a shed load of money for me to courier it to them,and then i have to pay a large amount for the repair to be shipped back to me (last ever HIS product i buy!).

im now after a new card,im not a over intensive gamer,but do play games on a weekly basis on my pc,and like things to look and run as good and smoothly as possible.

i have around £80 including delivery to play with,and would like a card with 1gig of memory,my motherboard is a Biostar TA790GX3,so would like to try and stick with a ati card,i have two in mind,one is a XFX HD 5670 1GB GDDR5,the other is a PowerColor HD 5670 1GB GDDR5,i have had agp xfx cards in the past and had no problems with them,but having had probs with the HIS card,i wonder which manufactirer would be best to go with? ive not heard of powercolor before?

or do you reccomend i go for a different card? im bemused and cnfused to be honest,any constructive advice would be appreciated,i want to be sure im buying the right card.

thanks to anyone who can help?

  gengiscant 10:20 05 Mar 2010

This a very general reply as I have used both manufacturer,My last card was a XFX HD 4890 and I did have a minor problem,I was not impressed by XFX's customer service, but that might be because I am impatient and if I do not get a reply reasonably quickly I tend not to use the manufacturer again.
As for Powercolor I have used several of their cards over the years and have always found them reliable.

  burgyman 11:09 05 Mar 2010

Thanks for that,ive not had to deal with customer support from XFX as there cards that i have owned have all performed faultlessly,i supose if i had of had a fault,i may of experieced a different feeling about there product/s,have powercolor been ,making cards for a long time? the powercolor card im looking at,is a little bit cheaper.

  sunnystaines 11:22 05 Mar 2010

In the past had novatech own make graphics gards which did not last so avoid their own brand graphics. Also not that impressed with gigabyte cards either.
present card sapphire ATI quiet happy with that one

  burgyman 11:44 05 Mar 2010

Thanks for that.

would a 8800 Ultra be beteer than the other 2 cards i mentioned above?

  gengiscant 11:47 05 Mar 2010

In answer to your question about whether Powercolor have been making cards for a long time, in the last 3-4 months I have sold 2 Powercolor cards, 1 was a Powercolor ATI Radeon 9550 SE 128MB and the other was a 9250 which makes them quite weak by todays standards, but Powercolor have been going since 1997, so make your own judgment.
As I have said before I have no trouble with the cards I have had.

  burgyman 11:52 05 Mar 2010

Thats handy info,thanks very much.
ive been offered a 8800 Ultra at what i feel is a good price,i just cant find any comparrisons between it and the HD 5670's :(

  burgyman 16:44 05 Mar 2010

From what i can make out,the 8800 ultra would be a little better,but im not quite sure,i wish i had more knowledge in this area!

  GaT7 17:12 05 Mar 2010

Yes, the 8800 Ultra will indeed be better, but needs 2x 6pin PCI-E power connectors from the PSU, is relatively noisy & quite power-hungry - it will use up a lot of power even when you're not running games.

The HD5670 does not require a PCI-E connector & does not have the other two issues either.

Sapphire is a good make & also have the cheapest HD5670 atm (at eBuyer anyway) for under £70 click here.

I would say that HIS is actually one of the better makes of graphics cards, & Powercolor a bit of a budget manufacturer. It's just unfortunate that the HIS' cooler failed & you'll need to spend quite a bit to get it repaired/replaced. Quite unlikely, but if you can somehow find if the card still works (hasn't burnt out), you could get a third-party cooler & replace it yourself. G

  citadel 18:03 05 Mar 2010

hd5850 or if thats too expensive 5830. nvidias whole range is obsolete and they are due to release new dx11 cards in a few weeks.

  GaT7 18:24 05 Mar 2010

citadel, both the HD5850/5830 appear far too expensive for burgyman's £80 budget. In addition, he may need to buy a new PSU to be able to run it - incurring even more expenditure. G

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