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  smy13 17:29 03 Sep 2007

Hi All
At present my PC runs a ATI Radeon 9100 IGP I've been thinking of upgrading this for a bit now and have noticed there are quite a few 256MB AGP cards about now for around £35.00.
So the question is is this worth doing and are there any pit falls I should look out for.
I do a lot of video editing so I thought getting a better graphics solution might make things a bit easier.
've done a bit of poking around such as fitting HDD's, Firewire cards, wireless card, and sticks of memory, so I'm not a complete novice but any advice would be gratefully received

  holme 17:46 03 Sep 2007

"I do a lot of video editing so I thought getting a better graphics solution might make things a bit easier."

The effect of the graphics card on video editing was discussed at length recently and the concensus seems to be that it makes little or no difference, confirmed by timed tests by those nice people at Holme...

See click here

For video editing, the processor's oooomph, plus /lots/ of RAM, make the most difference.

IMHO your current card is perfectly OK for vid. editing; suggest put the brass towards more RAM.

Duo or Quad processors add to the ooomph /only/ if your editing software is written to take advantage of them. (We use ULead's VideoStudio, and that is).

  smy13 17:58 03 Sep 2007

Thanks for that, I think I'm RAM'ed out for XP at 2 GB And can't justify the price of upgrading My processor at the mo It's at 2.5GHZ P4. So I think I'll save my Dosh as I'm not a gamer. thanks for the info

  Totally-braindead 17:59 03 Sep 2007

I have to agree with holme memory and the processor are the hardest workers, its unlikely a more powerful graphics card will do anything at all for you on editing. More memory (depending on what you have of course) would be a better option.

The problem with upgrading graphics cards is two fold. Work out what you have, no problem there you have AGP and work out the power supply rating. Many people who upgrade their graphics find they have to upgrade their power supply as well to cope with it. This is not a major issue expect if the power supply you have is a non standard one such as in some Dells.

More memory has no real problems as long as you make sure your motherboard can take it and you buy the right stuff, therefore I recommend Crucial click here let it scan your computer and buy from them what they say will work. If theres a problem they will refund you. If you buy from somewhere else even if you think its the same memory you might have problems. Crucial guarantee theres will work. Upgrading the graphics card for editing in my opinion is a waste of time and money.

  Totally-braindead 18:00 03 Sep 2007

expect = except sorry bad typing.

  holme 18:08 03 Sep 2007

Don't you just hate it when you draft a long, thoughtful, detailed and rigorous reply but, before you get chance to post it, the originator schnukks in only a minite earlier and moves the goal-posts? :-)

Been there, done that. Never mind, the thought was there!

  smy13 18:25 03 Sep 2007

Thanks for that Hadn't even thought about the PSU. just had a look and you're right I'd have to upgrade it unless I stuck to a card with a heat sink and not a fan, thanks for taking the time to reply

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