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  Revenant 13:17 03 Feb 2005


I'm looking for some advice on upgrading my 128MB AGP Radeon All-in-Wonder. I'm only really going to use it for Pc gaming and want a 256MB card - AGP not PCI-E.

The latest top-10's suggest the Galaxy GeForce 6800 GT. Ideally I'd like to pay around the £250 rather than £300 mark, so what are my options?


  mattyc_92 17:05 03 Feb 2005

Well my graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 with 128 mg memory chip) is more than capiable to run ANY game I have looked at.... It only cost £50, but I have forgot where it was brought from...

  The Sack 17:28 03 Feb 2005

The FX5200 is an incredibly poor graphics card and will only run the latest games at minimal resolutions with low detail etc.

Revenant the galaxy 6800GT is a good choice simply because it comes fitted with an NV5. The 6800 GPU runs incredibly hot so the NV5 is defiantly the best way to cool it and prevent the temperature inside your case going up a few degrees or so. The card is also powerful enough to keep you entertained for a couple of years at least, although obviously as time moves on it will become lacking in features etc. but the raw processing power of the card should keep it competitive.

click here for some in game comparisons etc.

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