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  beeson 21:36 29 Apr 2008

Hi All.

I have had a Packard Bell computer for roughly 4 years now.I haven't touched a thing inside it and believe it is time to upgrade.
I have a bog standard "Intel GIGABYTE" motherboard and i want to upgrade my graphics card to a "ATI Radeon HD 3870"
Do you think my motherboard will be able to support this upgrade?

if not please recommend. My price range is around the £60 mark (willing to go higher if needed).

Many thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 23:14 29 Apr 2008

You need to give the exact model of your pc so that we can see what components are in it i.e. does it have an AGP / PCI Express slot?

  beeson 15:59 30 Apr 2008

i hav a ATI radeon X600Pro graphics card (PCI-E) with a
GIGABYTE GA-81915PM motherboard

My pc model number i dont no as it was a hand-me down from a friend

  Ditch999 16:19 30 Apr 2008

Personally I am a Nvidia man click here £75 or click here £55

  beeson 16:20 30 Apr 2008

thank you will these be support on my motherboard

  Ditch999 16:21 30 Apr 2008

This is your 3870 click here but its £115. For that I would go for a Nvidia 8800GT instead click here

  beeson 16:23 30 Apr 2008


  Ditch999 16:24 30 Apr 2008

These are all PCI E cards. Just make sure your power supply is up to scratch and realise some require their own power source direct from the power supply

  beeson 17:17 30 Apr 2008


  Diodorus Siculus 17:48 30 Apr 2008

To be honest, I'd save my money rather than buy a new card for a four year old machine; I can't see that it would be cost effective. Added to that is the likelihood that the PSU within a PB will not be up to the job.

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