Graphics card

  mike1967 23:35 25 Apr 2006

Thinking of buying this card any good?
click here

  Bazz2000 01:03 26 Apr 2006

looks good to me for the price m8. Im thinking of getting the geforce 6800
:) Peace

  goonerbill © ® 02:52 26 Apr 2006

pop into WHSmiths and have a read or buy this months custompc mag. have good review of all middle to top range graphics cards (27 in all).

the one you are thinking off will not be much good for todays games by the way, if that is why you are upgrading. recommend either ATI's 9800 series or nvidia's 6600gs series but are 3/4X dearer than the one you are looking at but best for games on an AGP mobo.

  mike1967 20:15 26 Apr 2006

anyone else got any views it will be replacing a Geforce mx440 so at least an improvement

  Totally-braindead 20:33 26 Apr 2006

Have a look here click here the 9550 isn't there but the 9500 is and the 9600 so it would probably be somewhere in between them, it'll give you an idea of what you're getting for your money. This is a cracking card for the money click here around about the same as a 9600.

  Totally-braindead 20:36 26 Apr 2006

Should mention in case you don't know. When you get into faster cards. The 5600 I gave you a link to is one of them, they require a power connection on top of the power they get from the AGP port so make sure your power supply is up to it. I'm not sure if the Sapphire you gave a link to requires a power connection as well or not.

  mike1967 20:45 26 Apr 2006

Never even thought of the PSU issue just wanted an upgrade to be honest, should require much of a boost though should they as the one I'm looking at is quite an old card

  Totally-braindead 20:58 26 Apr 2006

Just had a look on the Sapphire website and the 9550 does not have a seperate power connector so it will be ok. It would be a big improvement.

  mike1967 21:03 26 Apr 2006

Sounds good to me want an improvement for the kids games such as Sims 2 and Zoo Tycoon 2, and its only 40 quid as well, the old graphics card is the only weak point on the pc

  mike1967 21:04 26 Apr 2006

Think I've just found the same for cheaper
click here

  mike1967 22:37 26 Apr 2006

Well just ordered it

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