graphics card

  mick 111 16:06 19 Jan 2004

i have a graphics card built into mother board and wish to install vidia g-force problem is i can fit it,i connect the monitor to it but the monitor switches off,so not able to see installation.if i take card out and go back to old system monitor works.i can put card on old system but card is not recognised by xp pro.(bios pci/plug and play setup primary graphics adapter i moved from pci to onboard apg and visa versa i changed share memory size from 16 to 32)any help greatly appreciated.mick.

  struggle8 16:15 19 Jan 2004

in bios there should be a on board graphics on /off turn it off turn of pc put card in agp slot connect moniter turn on pc wait for startup to complete load drivers for card

  dfghjkl 20:03 19 Jan 2004

what motherboard is it?some can be hassle even though they have an agp slot,(no provisions in bios etc)

  Joe McG 20:10 19 Jan 2004

mick 111,
remember and remove old monitor from device manager before booting into bios to turn off.

  mick 111 07:36 20 Jan 2004

hi the motherboard is m810l with a amd k7 cpu.the only setting that are in bios for graphic card are in amibios setup pci plug and play set up.i have it set as. p/p aware o/s set to yes..share memory size set to 16 did try n/a and 32 and 64...o/s control normal...primary graphics adapter is pci did set it to onboard agp..allocate irq for pci vga set to yes.mick

  dfghjkl 20:03 20 Jan 2004

i feel for you,i had the same problem last year with a matsonic board in a tiny pc,everyone was telling me to turn onboard graphics off,but i couldnt and after a bit you get fed up of threads telling you the same thing day after day,mine was the same bios as yours,i gave up and i dont do that at all,i am to stubbern to give up on things.i took the card back to the shop and got a pci version and it was fine.i put it down to a faulty agp slot,or something else that i or anyone on this site did not know.i suppose it could be seperate agp drivers need updating or even something simple.the manual said i could fit a card and even named ones that had been tested on the board,but no detailed info on how to do it.i have since heard of others not able to do it.good luck and i am sorry that i cant really help you but i will be whatching closely to see how you get on.

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