Graphics adaptors and tahnks for last night....

  Epirb406 17:49 28 Jun 2003

Hi all, me again, really should stop trying to get the hang of this PC thing, it always seems to end up back in here with yet another problem! Thanks for those that offered advice on Fdisk last night, it was of course best for all concerned that I left my new PC alone until sober!

So, have been at a brand new install and semi build all day, PC specs here: click here running ME

All was going well until I tried to set up a DCC connection with my old PC to copy across docs etc. This crashed the new PC completely. Rebooted and only had 16 colour desk top, no options.

Have been round the houses uninstalling and reinstalling drivers but to no avail. if I do manage to get as far as getting a choice and change settings I reboot to a blank screen and have to go back to sfe mode to reset!! All very frustrating!!

I didn't have a graphics card on my last PC (One of the main reasons for upgrading!) so I am unfamiliar with what goes on.

However, System properties tell me that the driver I am using is a standard PCI Graphics adaptor, no mentionb of my nVIDIA card, it also keeps insisting I am using the best driver for that device.

Clues for the cluless please!!

Sorry for length of post, Thanks in advance,


  Epirb406 18:34 28 Jun 2003

It don't, found this on the nVIDIA web page:

This is a known Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me issue when a system is configured with 512MB of system memory or more. Please visit the following link to find out how to fix this: click here

But it seems microsoft have taken the page down.

Any ideas??????


  Epirb406 22:14 28 Jun 2003

guess someone locally may know,

cheers, eeps

  Epirb406 07:21 30 Jun 2003

It turnedout to be Monitor problem, Thanks for help all.

Would have downloaded drivers but it wa an 18 Mb file and I'm on dial up!!

Cheers, Epirb

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