Graphic problem with new GoT game

  Redoctober99 18:17 10 Dec 2014

Hi, I've been having problems with the new Game of Thrones Telltale game and I think my graphics card may be causing it. The edges of the models look blurry as in this picture click here . Its actually worse than it looks in the pic while in game, and I'm looking to know what could be causing it. My graphics card is the Geforce GTX 650 TI.

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  Redoctober99 18:52 10 Dec 2014

click here click here other pictures that ilustrate the problem.

  Bris 19:29 10 Dec 2014

Its difficult to tell from your links but it could be an anti aliasing problem.

Briefly anti aliasing smoothes out the jagged edges that appear on curved and diagonal lines.

As I am not a gamer I dont know whether you are able to turn this feature on or off in GoT.

Some more info here.

Dont know whether this helps.

  Redoctober99 19:36 10 Dec 2014

Thank you for your answer Bris. There is an option to turn off AA but that does not solve the problem. The blurriness is way more noticeable when the characters are moving, its like the edges are wavy and sort of flickering.

  Redoctober99 19:40 10 Dec 2014

I see Lazarus, it seemed so unnatural that I did not think it could be part of the game. I think we can consider this thread over.

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