Graphic Problem In Games

  Leehndrsn 21:24 23 Oct 2007

I've recently installed a few new release games (Portal, Bioshock, MOH:A) that is under my current system spec and once played for about half an hour I get very bad polygons everywhere to the point its unplayable...I get no errors when this happens nor does the game crash or anything just graphical problems...I tried an older game (QUake 4) and it seeemed to be ok but I can't say for sure as I didn't play it much longer than the half hour...I have a Geforce 7900GT 512mb with latest nvidia driver have ran 3dmark and got an ok score (5140 I think) but the only thing I can see that looks odd is in Everest which states:

GPU Clock (Geometric Domain)
468 MHz (original:550MHz)

GPU Clock (Shader Domain)
450 MHz (original: 550 MHz)

GPU Clock (ROP Domain)
450 MHz (original: 550 MHz)

No idea what it means but I can't see any other issues...tried many drivers using the safe mode and driver cleaner to erase before installing new....any one any ideas?

Windows Vista
7900GT 512mb
150Gb HDD
All latest drivers etc

  Rigga 21:28 23 Oct 2007

It sounds like one of two things.

1. My first check would be for overheating. Download RivaTuner from > click here < and check your temps.

2. Your PSU. What specs does your PSU have?


  Leehndrsn 22:48 23 Oct 2007

RivaTuner is averaging 50 degrees (pc been on all day) and my PSU is a Corsair 620W HX Series

  Leehndrsn 23:03 23 Oct 2007

Just played abit of Portal and as soon as the first sign of the polygon problem appeared I looked at temp and it was 80 degrees

  Leehndrsn 23:09 23 Oct 2007

Also had 2 errors:

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has seccessfully recovered

  Totally-braindead 23:15 23 Oct 2007

The PC being on all day might not have a problem. But when the PC is on load IE working hard the temperature can rise very quickly. From what you describe that is the problem. Playing a power hungry game will stress all the components of the PC making them run harder and heat up. If the cooling in the PC is insufficient then things will overload and you'll get problems or shutdowns.

Have you had this PC for a while?

Have you checked that the fans are all still running and that the inside of your PC is free of dust?

It might just need a clean out.

  Leehndrsn 23:40 23 Oct 2007

Had it around a year now, problems only started happening about a week ago I think and have become more regular, fans checked and cleaned everything last week, just annoying that its suddenly happened

  Totally-braindead 23:50 23 Oct 2007

It does sound to me as if overheating is the problem. The fact you can play some games for 20 minutes or so before the problem appears and that you noticed the temps going from 50 to 80.

80 is too hot in my opinion. I would suggest your fans are not working as well as they once did and either replacing them or perhaps just adding one more might be a solution. Fans are not dear so it wouldn't cost much. What you describe seems to be the graphics card overheating on load so have you checked that fan specifically?

  Leehndrsn 00:27 24 Oct 2007

Not in great detail but will have a good look over it to make sure all is room for another fan, case already has 3 unless I do a DIY and add another on the side

  Totally-braindead 17:33 24 Oct 2007

This may not help you but I have found that graphics cards fans in particular get really clogged up. I presume its because the blades of the fan are so close together. Personally I use a brand new clean paint brush to get rid of all the dust(while its switched off obviously).
Only other idea if it is ok is replace some of the case fans with newer better ones. They do wear and might be working but not as well as they did when new. As I said earlier they are quite cheap, they are easy to replace and it won't do any harm.
I would however keep a close eye on temps, there are some programs you can use for this presumming your motherboard disk doesn't have a program on it for this purpose.

  Leehndrsn 23:06 24 Oct 2007

Have cleaned the fan and heatsink to pretty much new condition and will see how it goes, thanks for the help too!

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