graphic* memory* motherboard problem ??

  josie mayhem 16:39 23 Apr 2005

Having major troubles to decide what at fault.

Abit redaon 9550 guru graphic card, kv8pro mobo with sempron 3000+, pcworld conponnent 32000 512mb memory. All range between 5-2 month's old.

The first two agp cards both g-force based, wouldn't work at all. so tried the abit ati redaon which seemed to work. since I've had the card, every now and again I did get one beeb, I couldn't find why the computer was giving this beep. As nothing seemed to go/look wrong, and nothing really showed in a logs. All temps were o.k.

Until wednesday night, the screen just went blank nothing. Rebooting didn't do anything I would get the single post bleep and computer would boot but no screen. fiddle about abit, then it would boot and give bleeps for video problem (one long, 3 short) try again then this wouldn't happen on the odd accasion I did manage to get a screen up. when windows had loaded it said that ATI control panel wasn't activated becasue no drivers or drivers corrupt.

At this point you could see that colours were distorted, the grey on pcadvisor were going pink, and part of the start up menu were the same along side a pinkish tinge creeping into some of the graphics on the desktop. Checked device manager, showed that graphics card was working o.k and no conflicks.

I have swopped my card over to my older computer (which is x4) and have no problems all working o.k. I am at the moment using my other pci graphich card on this computer with no pronlems at all.

So could this fault be based on the motherboard agp slot being faulty or could this be a memory card issue. Sadly I don't think that I can change my memory card over to the other computer as it doesn't support 32000's only 2100's.

  Rayuk 16:58 23 Apr 2005

What power supply do you have?

  961 17:06 23 Apr 2005

BIOS settings for AGP correct?

Get new drivers for agp card. Uninstall video cards and drivers and start again

  josie mayhem 19:53 23 Apr 2005

sorry I've been slow with replying, but been cheauffering,shopping and Dr who.

But my power supply is a jantech 450 power supply.

The setting in bios were correct (change them when I put the pci back in)

So both shouldn't have posed any problems.

Has I said I can't check my memory card, because it's not supported on my other computer.

I should have added that I'm running xphome with sp2 ont he computer I'm getting the problems on, and the other computer is a p4 with xphome and sp1, could this be the differenace?

  josie mayhem 22:41 23 Apr 2005


  josie mayhem 20:22 24 Apr 2005

I've now ruled out memory card prblems, have spent most of the day with memtest86 running with no errors.

I have also ran the graphic card in my other computer, with no problems at all!

So now I'm down to either the agp slot has a problem on the motherboard or somehow my os is getting corrupted. But I have checked for viruses ect, and haven't found anything.

Any suggestions

  Totally-braindead 20:27 24 Apr 2005

The only idea I have is blank the computer, do a clean install of windows with no internet or anything else and see what it does, that at least would rule out corruption in the OS. Failing that the only thing I can think of is that theres a fault with the motherboard as you suspect.

  slimbo51 20:57 24 Apr 2005

We had a similar prob before on this site, the answer was a intermittent break in the grapics cable.

A new cable solved the prob.

Not saying its the same thing but well worth considering.

  gudgulf 22:26 24 Apr 2005

Try downloading an updated set of drivers for your motherboard chipset.These contain the drivers for your agp to function.If the graphics card works in another pc then that is ok, and your pci card working rules out your graphics card drivers on the original pc. here for the latest via 4in1 chipset drivers (or visit your mobo manufacturers site) and install over the top of your original drivers.If this doesn't help then you may well have a problem with the agp slot itself or maybe the graphics card had become slightly unseated.

  gudgulf 22:27 24 Apr 2005

Sorry that should be ATI drivers working ok (not Nvidea!)

  Mr Beeline 22:50 24 Apr 2005


Have you...

When swapping between graphic cards, especially between Nvidia and ATI.... always best to run something like DRIVER CLEANER PRO to make sure "all" componets of the driver set are deleted.

Have you done this?

Just a bit suspicious when I read a comment like "when windows had loaded it said that ATI control panel wasn't activated because no drivers or drivers corrupt".

Worth a go...

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