Graphic displays with Firefox 3

  Rebuilt 21:07 24 Jun 2008

I am trying hard to get used to Firefox 3 despite some cosmetic changes I still don't like.

One of the most difficult is the way it handles graphics (not only JPG but also TIF). It may be fine when it is a genuine picture (not tried that yet) but when it is a fax or any other form of text then it is near impossible to print correctly.

Any chance of customising this?

(OH!! - and I would love to customise the drop down address bar so each only took one line)

  ambra4 00:44 25 Jun 2008

(OH!! - and I would love to customise the drop down address bar so each only took one line)

Right click on menu bar and click customise you can make any amount of drop down bars by just giving it a name plus you can change the layout and the menu icons to your liking by drag and dropping on to the main menu bar

Firefox Add-ons letting you personalize your browsing experience.

click here

Having use Firefox since first came out, you have to customise it to suit how you want to browser the Internet it not fix or full of features that bill thing you should have or don’t need

There are thousands of extensions that can make browsing the Internet a lot more fun and easily than using IE6/7

A few extensions you could look at

“Tab Mix Plus” by changing the Select Tab Pointed to 150 msec also

change the Use a delay 50 msec in the Mouse Section you will find tabs will change as soon as you

move the mouse pointer over them so there is no need to click go thought each extensions Options

and set up to suit how you want to use tab browsing

click here

“IE Tab” can view IE pages in a Firefox Tab

click here

“Allow Right Click” Defeat web sites’ right-click prevention scripts it will make web surfing just a
little more hassle-free.

click here

“Always Remember Password” instructs web sites to always remember your password.

click here

“Split Browser” This splits the content area of the browser window as you like for example to compare multiple web pages

click here

“Smart Bookmarks Bar” This extension modifies the bookmarks bar so that only bookmarks icons are shown

click here

“WebMail Notifier” checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails.

click here

“Update Notifier” This is an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird that notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.

Allows quick access to your extensions and themes and the ability to check for any available updates.

click here

“PDF Download” removes the pain of dealing with PDF files on the web

click here

“Download Statusbar” View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

click here

Just a few extensions that make Firefox the browser for me have never used IE don’t like and don’t
want since installing Firefox if I could remove IE I would

You can also update windows via a Firefox Tab

  Rebuilt 12:36 25 Jun 2008

Sorry, I didn't make it clear. I was comparing Firefox 3 to Firefox 2 (not IE).
I really liked Firefox 2 but I am finding 3 a bit hard going. I have had to report a number of problems with corrupted page displays.

I have looked at the customisation facilities and, so far, I have not found an option to change the look & feel of the dropdown on the central address entry bar.

However, thanks for all the links. I will work through them

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