graphic display problems on startup

  kiz 15:30 19 Sep 2003

This is a difficult one to describe but here goes:
When I startup or reboot my machine (Win XP) I have a number of display problems which disappear after half an hour or so.
1.My received messages in OE6 are in a larger font than normal.
2.When I open IE6 and go online, I find that the font size is huge, some colours are not displayed properly (especially blue) and the whole web page is distorted, with fonts overlapping and lines and graphics not appearing properly
3. When I go to the help and support centre from the start menu, it displays as large blue print on a white background (rather than white print on blue!)
All the other programs and start menu items appear to be OK.
If I go online with Opera, everything is ok, so I guess it is something to do with Windows itself.
As I say it rights itself after half an hour.
I have reinstalled the graphic card. It is a new computer but the manufacturers (Medion)havent been able to help. They suggested it was the user account which was corrupt and to create a new one. I have done that but no different.
Any suggestions anyone.

  AndySD 15:37 19 Sep 2003

Have you tried looking at the Motherboard Makers website to see if its a bios problem. Also have you tried the latest motherboard drivers?

The only thing that worries me is that it clears itself after 1/2 an hour...which sounds more like a hardware problem.

  alcudia 15:48 19 Sep 2003

Sounds like Medion are trying the classic cop out. (It must be something you've done).
Their explanation is ridiculous. This sounds like an obvious hardware fault, as AndySD says. Could be monitor, card or mobo. The only thing that is puzzling is why it's ok with Opera. What about when you run other programs. Or is it just IE; OE and Help.

In any event as it's new, and presumeably under warranty, I would insist that Medion fix it.

  kiz 16:48 19 Sep 2003

Thanks Andysd and Alcudia.
I have been thinking it must be a hardware fault but am confused by how specific it is. No other programs are affected (as far as I can see)
I will leave this thread open in case anyone has any other ideas. I have emailed Medion and pointed them to this thread so I will wait and see what they say now.

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