Graphic Cards Temperatures from Furmark and Speccy

  Phoenix40 17:40 28 Dec 2013

Hello i use these various software temperature gauges for my GPU and CPU mainly. The measurements for my CPU is usually in the teens or twenties centigrade. But my GPU always show in the 90s or over a 100 centigrade. Its a non fan graphic card an engineer claims it should be safe as the designers would have been aware of such things. My computer does black out sometimes especially when streaming programmes and one game at the moment. My graphic card is an Nvidia 8400GS. Also the engineer i spoke to wonders how reliable these software measurement devices are and how do they pick up the temperatures. Hope someone can explain these things thanks a lot.

  rdave13 17:55 28 Dec 2013

This sums it up really. I use MSI afterburner to monitor my card and seems to be accurate enough for me.

  Phoenix40 18:04 28 Dec 2013

Hello is this good or bad? Thanks for the enigmatic reply...

  rdave13 21:13 28 Dec 2013

Bad. Wonder why your 'engineer' didn't recommend an extra 'intake' fan near the front casing, to create a better air flow through the case, and a 120 mm fan, instead of the standard 80 mm, to exhaust at the rear. Desktop cases, especially ATX can be 'modified' fairly easily to accommodate fans. If you have a 'small factor casing' then you can only make sure the grills are free of dust and use the machine 'till it burns out.

  Phoenix40 21:30 28 Dec 2013

Thanks i wonder if it might mean i will need a new graphic card then? As i said i use a Nvidia 8400GS i have a 6 year old PB desktop that uses wins Vista and has a 2.2 processor with 2 GB Ram. what would be the best or limit Nvidia graphic card i could use for this computer then? If you need more about motherboards etc let me know. Ive had this recent graphic card installed by my engineer 2 years ago can they go wrong in that time? Thanks for your help.

  rdave13 21:36 28 Dec 2013

You don't mention the case size and you seem happy with the machine then why not get the case opened and the dust removed from everywhere. It accumulates and stifles cooling, sometimes with very bad consequences.

  Phoenix40 23:06 28 Dec 2013

Hello sorry but ive already done that about two weeks ago checking the motherboard fan and dusting the graphic card. I even turned on the machine to check the main fan was working and it seemed to be. And dusted around the what i suppose it the ventilator grid where the PSU is. Yes i have checked all that. Sorry if i didnt mention that originally.

  rdave13 23:12 28 Dec 2013

Then your machine is running as fast as it can cope. At six years old I wouldn't bother updating different hardware for it. Put it towards the cost of a new PC.

  Phoenix40 23:27 28 Dec 2013

Hello yes thats what i thought like with all electrical goods. If it does give up the ghost i will have to rely on my laptop which has the same processor speed and 8 GB Ram. But it has an inbuilt intel graphic card which isnt all that flexible with high powered games. I usually connect it to the monitor. It seems to me there arent that many PCs around nowadays; mainly laptops and ipads etc thanks anyway.

  rdave13 23:48 28 Dec 2013

Loads online, just two examples,



  Phoenix40 01:05 29 Dec 2013

Thanks... but pretty expensive for now.

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