Graphic Cards. Is the plastic part removable?

  Zurik 19:52 24 Sep 2011

Is the top (plastic) case that surrounds the gpu's fan removable? As far as I can tell its just a cheap plastic piece that enhances the card's looks and shows off its brand.

If possible, why wouldnt I remove it? It would clear up lots of place for the air to flow.


  northumbria61 22:51 24 Sep 2011

Never heard of anyone wanting to do this. Do it at your own risk but it could have serious consequences.

  gengiscant 07:42 25 Sep 2011

Of course it is removable, you would need to remove it should you ever want to water cool your GPU. But as you will see by this video Remove casing the heat-sink is actually attached to the casing. If you had mentioned your GPU it would help.

  sharpamat 08:51 25 Sep 2011

Like any shroud the cover collects and directs the flow of air to where it should be.It does not matter what componen even if its not on a computer makers rarly put items on if they are not required.

We all know parts can be removed and changed. myself I would not touch it and echo northumbria61 post Do it at your own risk but it could have serious consequences.

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