Graphic card won't fit !

  Giantsquid 13:09 12 May 2005

Oh heck,

Just bought a new Graphics card, Radeon 9600 128 ddr Atlantis for my ageing computer, took out the old Geforce 3DProphet 32 MB and the new card will not fit into the old AGP slot....bugger
Thing is I know only that the old MB is a Athlone with a thunderbird processor as I have no documentation for the comp, have the graphic slots changed shape ? because I am now stuck with a good graphic card and nowhere to put it. Thing is a few weeks ago my graphics card on my other comp went bang, for a week I used the graphic card (geforce) in my new computer and it fit no problem and because my lad wants to play games on my old comp they will not run properly
hence me buying a new one.....can anyone help here,



  Joe R 13:12 12 May 2005


Is it possible that the card you have bought, is PCI Express.?

  sgoku 13:33 12 May 2005

If its not a PCI-E card,

itsounds like your old computer hads a 2x agp slot this is not compatibal with the new card because the 2x AGP requires a different power rating to 4x and 8x AGP ports,

all new AGP card are compatible with 4x and 8x ports,
like you said 'bugga'

  Giantsquid 14:05 12 May 2005

sounds like you are the card from ebuyer so I can send it back.

So I need a 2x AGP card yes ? can you let me know and I can pack this off and get a new one.
My son tried to play a game the other day Star Wars Republic Commando and after I loaded it some message came back like 'cannot play card does not support 1.1 pixle shader' or something like that, hence me buying this one,
thanks for the help,


  sgoku 14:12 12 May 2005

to be honest you will be lucky if you can find a AGP 2 card around that will be able to play games at ne decent frame rate, i dont know what other people think on the forum (this where you all jump in and give your views)

but it worth looking on ebuyer just making sure its supports AGP2

  gudgulf 14:13 12 May 2005

click here Does the connector on the bottom of your 9600 card look like the one in this picture?.If not then you dont have an AGP graphics card.Your 3D Prophet card looks like its an AGP 4x click here so there should be no compatibility issues with your new card.

  wx622 14:13 12 May 2005

Get on to Ebay.

  TomJerry 14:16 12 May 2005
  Giantsquid 14:24 12 May 2005

yes the connector on the 9600 is the same, only one slot on it.
The Prophet card has 2 slots like the other photo
I cannot put the 9600 in as there is a blank about 1 and a half inch in on the AGP port.

What do you recommend ?



  Giantsquid 14:27 12 May 2005

Are you saying get a new MB ?


  gudgulf 14:49 12 May 2005

click here It looks like your 3D prophet is an AGP 4x card which is backwards compatible with AGP 2x.Your mother board is AGP 2x.The reason the 3D Prophet has 2 slots in the connector is to allow it to fit in the AGP 2x slot as well as the AGP 4x (see the pictures in the link) which have different key positions.The Ati9600 is AGP 8x/4x compatible which means it does not have a cutaway for the key in your AGP 2x socket.
The reason the 3D prophet worked in the new computer is that it has cutaways for AGP 2x and 4x so it fits in the latest AGP 8x/4x sockets

TomJerry is correct you need a new motherboard to upgrade the graphics card on the old computer.

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