Graphic Card Woe 2. Please Help

  ulrich 20:37 25 Nov 2004

My posting has disappeared in the depths. Thanks huggy71, I tried but still the same problem. I have a new G/Card Leadtek FX5900XT, Win XP, 400W PSU, ASUS A7V33 M/B, 512ram, big HD.
The problem even after uninstalling old card I am unable to install new. It is recognised, but when I try to install the dvrs it comes up with it can't find this dvr and then can't find that dvr, then seems to install very, then invalid installation. I was able to reinstall my old card, but now that is not recognised, so now no graphics card at all. I've done this twice on win me with no problem. It is just these dvrs. I have downloaded from nvid the latest. I'm really stuck now, so someone must have had this problem as it is mentioned in small detail in manual.

  PSF 21:27 25 Nov 2004

When you boot up cancel all of the found new hardware warnings. Turn off your anti-virus and try re-installing the new NVIDIA drivers you downloaded. Also in the BIOS turn off Plug and Play operating system option.

  ulrich 21:38 25 Nov 2004

Thanks PSF trying now. I'll report back.

  ulrich 21:49 25 Nov 2004

Same result. I'm amazed no one else has had this problem. Thank you anyway.

  PSF 21:53 25 Nov 2004

Another thought, once the pc has booted, cancel the hardware found, and then run Windows Update to see if it finds a suitable driver to use.

  PSF 22:14 25 Nov 2004

Do you have the Windows XP cd, if you do, it might be an idea to do a repair installation with the new card in. If there are corrupt files in the system they will be replaced.

You will not loose any programs but you will have to install XPSP2 again.

  ulrich 22:50 25 Nov 2004

I totally reformatted a couple of weeks ago. I will try the windows update idea, just to see, I will report back tomorrow. Thanks again.

  PSF 22:56 25 Nov 2004

When you formatted the was the new card in at the time?

  PSF 22:56 25 Nov 2004

When you formatted was the new card in at the time?

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