Graphic Card woe

  ulrich 19:17 24 Nov 2004

I am having no success installing new graphics card I keep getting the same answer whatever I do, even though I have the drivers on my pc, is this an XP problem, how do I solve it. My system is quite up to it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 24 Nov 2004

so what error message are you getting?

  Totally-braindead 19:23 24 Nov 2004

Have a look at click here . Without knowing what your graphics card is theres no way to tell if theres an XP problem, if its a fairly new card then any problem is unlikely.

  Kegger 19:23 24 Nov 2004

hi Ulrich,
can you be a bit more specific:- what graphic card? what operating system are you using? is it a PCI card or AGP? what is the error displayed? do you get any picture?

  ulrich 19:43 24 Nov 2004

I have have posted a couple of times, feeling a bit down about it. The card is a Leadtek FX5900XT, my system WIN XP, 512 ram, big hd, ASUS A7V33 mb, 400w PSU. I've uninstalled old dvrs, prev card L/tek GF4200, I have d/loaded latest dvrs. When I try to install it recognises the card, but then says it can't find this dvr or that, even though I find them and it seems to install it seems to end up with installation invalid. It does mention this problem might occur in the manual, so is this a XP problem, as I've changed cards twice on my ol ME with no problems.

  citadel 00:15 25 Nov 2004

When installing a new card it is best to use the driver on the cd that came with the card. Once you have it running ok then install the latest driver, xp likes drivers to be signed.

  hugh-265156 01:04 25 Nov 2004

i would tend to disagree. don't use the drivers on the disc as they will more than likely be out of date.

try this maybe:

download the latest 'signed drivers' for your card from click here and save to your desktop.

also download driver cleaner and install this now but don't run it yet click here

next un install any reference to 'Nvidia Drivers' listed in control panel/add remove programs. click here

if you had a previous ati card, un install these drivers too if they are listed in add remove programs and restart the computer in safe mode.

now when in safe mode run driver cleaner and delete 'nvidia' and 'ati' (read the instructions)

restart the computer, if you have broadband unplug your modem before windows starts and click cancel when it finds the new hardware and click on your downloaded nvidia drivers to install them.

  ulrich 20:18 25 Nov 2004

Sorry but I'm still getting the same answers. I have uninstalled the dvrs with the uninstaller, installed the new dvrs, I try to install bur it says where are nv_mini dvrs so I find them the wher are something else, then it starts to install very quickly, then cannot install meessage. The best thing now I seemed to have killed my old graphics card. I have sent 2 emails to the firm I brought it from over the last few days of course no answer.

  PSF 21:06 25 Nov 2004

This is what has been tried so far click here it might help others think of something different.

  hugh-265156 23:49 25 Nov 2004

ok, so your old ti4200 card did previously work ok but you upgraded it to the fx5900xt and this worked fine for a while but then displayed artifacts and glitches on the screen so you then switched back to your old card for a while which worked ok and got a replacement 5900xt which then failed to install.

you also tried this new 5900xt card in another computer to check it and it didn't work and now your old ti4200 is no longer working anymore either?

i dont know if this matters but i checked your board specs and i noted that it has an 'agp pro' slot click here

I'm not sure if this can be done or not but I'm pretty sure that agp pro slots have stickers to cover up the extensions at each end of the slot, if these were removed accidentaly it may be possible to insert the card incorrectly into the slot (am guessing) if this is what happened it may damage the card. as above just guessing here somebody will know.

  hugh-265156 23:55 25 Nov 2004

I'm probably wrong with the above as i was guessing but if the card is still detected ok and its just drivers failing to install then try using the latest ones from leadtek click here

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