graphic card problems!

  andrewc2007 09:34 22 May 2011

Hi, I have upgraded a Compaq Presario SR1080UK XP edition to Win 7 and increased the RAM to 2 GB. I tried to play Chess Titans and found I could only get a basic version (no 3D ) and guessed this would down to the games card. I replaced the old card with a Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2 and on rebbot the card was recognised. However on restart the computer would not start properly. I have now put the old card back and everything is as it was before. Can anyone tell me if the new card is the correct one and if so have I followed the right procedures - if not can you please tell me what to do. Thank you in advance.

  rickf 09:53 22 May 2011

Try uninstalling the software for the old card properly, then reinstall the new card during installation let Wins 7 find the card and drivers. Another point is with Wins 7 I would try to increase the ram to 4 g.

  andrewc2007 10:07 22 May 2011

Hi Rickf, Thanks for the reply - will I lose the old drivers (don't have backup) -

the motherboard will only take 2GB max - no more slots. The research I did before upgrading to Win 7 stated this would suffice!

  bremner 10:55 22 May 2011


Can I suggest you close your other thread in this forum and the one in the Helproom otherwise things will get confusing.

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  rickf 16:19 22 May 2011

Just download the drivers from the ATI site. Identify your card and look the drivers. Simple. Nothing to wprry about losingthem.

  Terry Brown 16:40 25 May 2011

After you have downloaded the correct drivers for your card (Page attached) link text

then restart your computer your computer in safe mode, select vga mode and load the new drivers.

VGA mode is a very low resolution(no graphic drivers loaded) and will insure you have a clean install.


  gaming123 10:03 26 May 2011

make sure that the software g-card and ram are compatible

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