A graphic card problem or something else?

  erkmatrix 16:54 21 Oct 2003

I got a new Athlon 2600+ 512MB with a Radeon 9500 128MB graphics card and a iiyama VM1451 in January and had with when I watch videos, dvds, games doesn't matter what I use, windows media player, real player, Creative mediasource player, any video viewer basically and the dvd player also does it.

Hers what it does completly random, sometimes it won't do it, but most of the time you can garantee it, the media player will be playing then the screen will flash and either turn purple or plack and the sound will remain but the picture goes. Then you can't open it working again in that or any other media player untill you reset the computer then it plays again and will do it again at a random place.

Is there anything I could do, or have I from the start been given a faulty graphics card, I've just put up with it, but is very frustrating keep starting my machine up everytime it does it, and well for a machine that cost me quite abit I had hoped it may play videos and not crash.

Please help someone


everything is fine but when I play the game hitman 2, you can be playing it fine then all of a sudden the screen just turns black, you still hear the music and the only thing to get it back on is switch off at the back of the computer, it does it quite often now. Also on Soldier of Fortune it loaded ok but the graphics when the game came on where all jumbled up. And on realone player watching a video worked fine then the little screen on the player turned white music still on and I had to again restart the pc to play it, but it worked the second time. Has anyone got any ideas what it could, is it something to do with my radeon display adapter. I had a look in my device manager and under display adapter it says radeon 9700/9500 series then underneath there is radeon 9700/9500 series secondary. Is this normal to have it say that twice.

  erkmatrix 16:58 21 Oct 2003

Sorry please ignore the second part of that message I had intended to delete the bottom of that.

cheers Phil

  froggg 17:36 21 Oct 2003

try reseating(remove screw on card-press it firmly into the slot)the g/card.BTW you should still have warranty,dont put up with it.

  keith-236785 18:13 21 Oct 2003

contrary to what froggg says, if your pc is still under warranty,


send or take it back to the shop, if it isnt under warranty then go ahead and try reseating the graphic card.

Has this always happened or did this problem appear after installing one of your many movie viewers, it could be that one of them doesnt like being on the same system as one of the others. (hope that makes sense)

good luck

  erkmatrix 09:55 22 Oct 2003

Well cheers guys but I think I've solved it, after I posted on here yesterday I went to control panel and went into device manager then display adapter clicked on troubleshoot my card, went into display properties/settings and advanced then tryed aload of stuff it suggested, was about to give up then it said click on the troubleshoot tab in advanced and move the hardware accelerator slider bar, and low and behold, it seems to of solved it, I moved it to disable all directdraw and direct3D accelerators.

So hopefully it has solved it, watched a DVD last night and nothing happened, can't believe I could of done this in January though.

Thanks again for your solutions.


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