Graphic Card Problem or PSU?

  O-NO 18:33 24 Mar 2005

Since upgrading my Graphic card to a HIS X800XT things have seemed a little unstable......

Playing certain games often gives corruption on various objects on screen....returning to Desktop and things are ok.

I have tried different drivers and still the same result.

My PSU is 360W (the rec for the card is 300W).

My original thoughts were that I had a dodgy card or heat a problem but could it be the PSU?

PC as provided by Mesh apart from the card upgrade........

AMD 64 3400

  Aristocatman 18:56 24 Mar 2005

Well all I can say is that I have had more than one dodgy graphics card not total failures but enuff to screw things up & cause strange happenings Both times fixed by a very helpful local computer repair company only charged me £15.00 for the fix, usually a duff capacitor or other small component on the card. Sadly there are very few repair companies that can be 'bothered' to repair cards but this firms a real gem. TM Electronics in Swansea (no connection)

  g0nvs 19:00 24 Mar 2005

I think you would benefit from a bigger power supply, seems your power supply is cutting it a bit fine. Recently fitted a new graphic card & power supply myself.

  O-NO 19:07 24 Mar 2005

Would lack of power cause this sort of thing?

I know its difficult to answer that as you can not see what I am seeing.

The graphics start off ok then go a little sparkly and chequered which I initially thought could be a heat problem.

  Aristocatman 19:13 24 Mar 2005

Of course power supplies can fail to - the output voltages can go a little high not enough to blow anything immediately but over a period of time damage will be done. Or my latest failure was more spectacular voltages went very high wiped out the motherboard & 2 hard drives oddly enough the plug in cards all survived.

  Technotiger 19:14 24 Mar 2005

Hi, for what it's worth, I second the lack of power in your present PSU. The bigger the wattage the better.


  Aristocatman 19:17 24 Mar 2005

How many USB devices have you got connected? each USB device can take up to 1/2 amp (500mA) a few of these can soon make a power sweat!

  Aristocatman 19:18 24 Mar 2005

that was meant to be 'power supply sweat'

  Aristocatman 19:18 24 Mar 2005

that was meant to be 'power supply sweat'

  O-NO 19:22 24 Mar 2005

So its possible that the card is not receiving enough power resulting in graphic corruption albeit at the same stage in game?

Would be nice to think it is the above as I dont fancy the cost of another card also hope its not a heat issue although surely if it was it would be happening all the time?

  Totally-braindead 19:28 24 Mar 2005

Have a look here click here this will tell you how much power you need. I was in this situation last year, the computer crashed continually whenever I ran a 3d game, I thought it was the power supply and bought a new one as the computer ran any 2d applications perfectly. It made no difference whatsoever so I had to return the graphics card as faulty and get another one.

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