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  Tnomoldw 20:22 24 Feb 2006

I am running a Compaq EVO W6000 with a "X-Micro IMPACT T4200 Geforce TI4200 128MB DDR AGP" video card.It has Nvidia Geforce4 TI.It has run City of Heroes/City of Villians game well,for over a year.Last week,while in the game the graphics crashed.Checking thoroughly,I assumed the card went bad.I could run the machine in safe mode,and regular mode,if I uninstalled driver and device,but the graphics had pinstripe lines in it in 32bit not in 16bit.I got a new "PNY Verto Geforce 6200 256MB DDR Graphics by Nvidia. I carefully checked,that all install of my old card were gone,installed the new card and driver and it dont work,same problem but the lines are gone in 32bit.I then disabled the onboard video.Bad move,now my screen is blank,with no way to enable the onboard video.I also have a message at startup that my real time clock may have lost time = battery may be bad,but it has not,when I could see it.Nvidia has stated that their new drivers are now universal,for all their supported cards.hmmmm, any help is much appreciated,thank you

  rmcqua 20:11 25 Feb 2006

I see you're not getting many replies to this one, Tnomoldw.
My guess would be a motherboard or memory problem, but it sounds nasty. Sorry.

  Tnomoldw 21:46 25 Feb 2006

Thanks rmcqua for the response,

  ed-0 22:48 25 Feb 2006

" Bad move,now my screen is blank,with no way to enable the onboard video. "

You will need to reset the cmos on the motherboard to put it back to factory defaults. This should enable the onboard graphics and get you going again.

You have opened the case to install the AGP card. Look on the motherboard for a cmos button click here. With the machine turned off, press the cmos button for 5 seconds.

Hopefully when you switch back on the onboard graphics will work.

  Tnomoldw 02:38 26 Feb 2006

ThankYou ed-0 for your reply, I did the cmos button push.I plugged it in and the computer started without pushing the start button. I showed my new video card then it checked my memory one at a time 1 to 512. It loaded several other components, CD-rom and such it gave the message that my onboard battery may need replaced and that my configuration had changed, then had me push F1 to save , then it restarted and I am back where I started. So I repeated the process and tryed to get it into safe mode. It loads a full page of drivers, stops and the screen is blank, windows will start , I can hear it, the windows opening music, but I can not see any thing on screen. I do see the Windows Logo screen but thats it.Also I canot set my clock in setup , so that means the battery is bad ? Monday I will get a new battery, any other ideas? If you do please reread my initial reguest for help.Thankyou

  ICF 09:57 26 Feb 2006

Go into the bios and re-enable the on board graphics.

  ed-0 11:30 26 Feb 2006

Pop in a new battery and reset all the settings for the bios.

You will have to do the date and time. The onboard graphics as per ICF. You may have to also set the cpu fsb, the memory and disk drives if it will still not load windos.

  Tnomoldw 20:41 26 Feb 2006

Thanks ed-0 I will get a barttery asap.

  Tnomoldw 21:07 26 Feb 2006

Thanks IFC

  Tnomoldw 20:30 08 Mar 2006

you dead ringered it. It is a MoBoard prob.But not all is lost.I can use a PCI video card.The computer is a high end machine but not worth replacing the mother board at this time or maybe ever. It is one of the last Compaqs built before the HP/Compaq merger. I want to thank all who gave input to my help request and PC ADVISOR. Thanks All Tnomoldw

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