graphic card + power supply

  Meuli 19:34 21 Mar 2008

hi all,

i'm getting really fed up with my lame ati radeon x550 card. It random freeses in games, even at low settings...
So i was thinking about buying a new card. After looking around somewhat i came up with the conclusion that i like the asus geforce 8800 gt 512 mb.
But i was wondering.
I never installed any hardware... so i'm a complete noob here...
I looked some stuff up and it seems pretty basic, get the old one out and get the new one in.
Then i saw the new one would need power. I checked out the power cables and saw i had 2 plugs that come from my psu, one that also goes to my dvd rw and one that also goes to my hd and diskette.
Do i just plug it in, or do i need to take care of some things? Do i need to change anything in the bios?
Another thing is my psu itself. I seem to have a 400w. Don't now jack about that, from what i have been reading, that's low. Do i need to upgrade that, if so what suggestions would you make?
And how the hell do you replace a psu? Same remarks here, do you just get the old one out, new one in, or anything special? Any Bios settings and stuff?

Many thanks in advance for any help on this subject.

Kind regards


  donki 21:07 21 Mar 2008

Its easy peasy old card out new card in, I think the 8800gt needs 2 power leads, i gave a 8800gts which needs 2. They are little square connectors so you can't plug the wrong ones in.

Your 400watt PSU could be a problem, depending if its a good quality. What other USB devices do you have because they all use power from your PSU. You dont want to overload your PSU as id could go pop!! Its hard to say but you don't really wanna take the risk. There is an alarm on GFX cards which sounds if there is a lack of power, its a high pitch squeling.

Another thing whats the rest of your computer spec?

  Meuli 21:24 21 Mar 2008

well i use a p4 cpu 3.2 ghz
1 gig of ram
asus motherboard
dvd rw
usb: canon printer wich is default off
usb: mp3 player default off / unplugged
usb: digital camera default off / unplugged
samsung syncmaster226bw screen
windows xp home edition sp2 not preloaded

So if i plug in power cables i just check what plugs are open and just jack it in. No need to worry wich goes where or assigning stuff in the bios and so on.

Concerning the psu, if i decide to put in another one, how does that go? easy peasy too?

  donki 21:43 21 Mar 2008

I hate to burst your bubble but your CPU will be a bottle neck on your GFX preformance.

A 600Watt PSU will cost you £75 - £100 and should be easy enough to install, I've never installed one so I wouldn't honestly know. There should be no need to adjust BIOS settings, just a straight in and out swap.

Nice monitor by the way the way, I'm staring right now :P!

  Totally-braindead 23:08 21 Mar 2008

I'll be honest with you here. donki has raised a valid point. Your processor just isn't fast enough so theres no real point in going as far as a 8800GT.

What I would do is get a better card than you have but get one that will run on a 400 watt power supply.

  Meuli 10:28 22 Mar 2008

hmmm what would be advisable then as a graphic card that fits in the above system?

  AndySD 12:54 22 Mar 2008

Can I ask what games you are playing?

Since a lot of games only use one core of a duel core processor 3.2 may be enough.

Changing the power suply is simple.

Installing the new card click here

  Meuli 13:01 22 Mar 2008

i play a wide variaty of games, america's army, diabloII, warcraft III, civilization IV, stronghold 2, commandos, starcraft, strategic command,...

first for can't even play for like 10 min... it's driving me absolutly mad

  Meuli 13:16 22 Mar 2008

what about : EN8500GT SILENT MAGIC/HTP/512M or EN8600GT/HTDP/256M

  AndySD 13:39 22 Mar 2008

Under £100 the

ATi Radeon HD 38750

Over look at

Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

ATi Radeon HD 3870

Both will need a larger Power Supply

I play most of those games on the older ATI Radeon X1950 which says it should run on a 400W power suply

  AndySD 13:42 22 Mar 2008


Under £100 the

ATi Radeon HD 3850

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