Graphic card not registering

  Mistake Don 08:33 03 Dec 2016

Hello all, I just build my 1st PC and everything is working but it is not registering the graphic card at all. When I plug in 6+2pin PCI-E in my graphic card, my monitor doesn't boot up but when i take out the graphic card, it boots up normally. Please help. Thank You!

My specs are: Motherboard: MSI Z170A M5 Cooler: Cooler Master v8 Harddrive: 2TB Seagate
Graphic Card: MSI Nvdia Geforce GTX 1060 x6 GB Power Supply:Corsair CX 750M Monitor: LG 25UM58-P

  Jollyjohn 10:56 03 Dec 2016

After a brief look at the specifications I see the motherboard is DDR4 and the graphics card is DDR5 - does the motherboard support this this newer type?

Did you buy the motherboard and graphics card from the same supplier, if so go back and ask them if they should work together.

  Mistake Don 21:41 03 Dec 2016


Thank you for your reply and yes i have checked and researched about it and the motherboard supports the graphic card. After hrs and hrs of research and videos, I came to a conclusion that the graphic card is faulty since its not being detected when i plug it in. I have tried putting in another PCI-E slots and still no luck. So, I decided to return it and order again and hopefully that will solve everything.

Thank You

  Figheter 22:42 03 Dec 2016

Have you tried using your motherboard port booting up the computer downloading nvidia experience then downloading the drivers for your graphics card which then your computer should recognise your graphics card also nvidia experience will tell you if your graphics card is connected if you click on my rig

  Mistake Don 22:51 03 Dec 2016


Sorry bro..I didn't get what u meant by using motherboard port booting up the computer downloading nvidia experience. I can't download Nvidia experience since I get message saying "NVIDIA Geforce Experience requires an NVIDIA GPU. Refer to the system requirements".


  Mistake Don 23:09 04 Dec 2016


I tried everything but it doesn't recognise the graphic card. I came to conclusion that the graphic card is faulty and gonna return it.

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