Graphic card fan spinnig at warp10??

  simonsup 08:26 25 Apr 2010

hi all, not sure what the problem is, here goes-
this happens mostly whem playing tigerwoods online, every so often my ati Hd4670 graphics card fan suddenly goes mental like flat out for a few minutes and very very noisy then goes quite again. i checked catalyst control panel and noticed it does this when the activity clock is at 100% While is it at 100%? but the temp clock is ok at 57 dedrees,
is it the graphics driver v10.3.
Also i did a mobo bios update which there was no problems while doing, made sure it was the correct bios update, is it that causing this?
can i undo a bios update? The new bios is RO1.3.
the noisy fan does not appear to be causing any probs with pc its just anoying because it is so loud when it does it.
The pc is an acer aspire ASM7711, about a year old.
intel Quad Q8300 cpu
4 gig ddr2 800 mem
acer mobo
500watt psu
ati hd4670 1 gig pcie graphics card.
win 7 home.
the pc seems fine its just the noise of the graphics fan when it does it, can be every 10mins or so but only during tigerwoods online, any thoughts peeps?

  howard64 09:08 25 Apr 2010

try looking in the bios to see if you have a fan speed controller this might be set at too low a temperature. It could well be that the game requires so much power that it is getting very hot and the fan is doing its job by cooling it down and therefore protecting it. If the pc is running ok otherwise I would leave the bios update very much alone. You could open the case and see if the case has got a lot of dust and hair inside it. A good clean out never hurts anyway.

  gengiscant 09:12 25 Apr 2010

I doubt very much if it has anything to do with the bios update. Does this fan increase with any other game?
I thinking a failing GPU, bad drivers, possible overheating, or a power supply that does not meet the card's requirements.

  simonsup 09:21 25 Apr 2010

hi again,i only play the one game tw online, this has not happened before only seems to be doing it after the bios update but i did update the draphics drivers aswell, the temp clock is well within limits but i noticed that the activity clock goes to 100% then the fan kicks in hard then slows down again, the pc is more than capaple of running this game, strange one.
i looked in bios, can only find one option for smart fan which is enabled.

  simonsup 19:06 10 May 2010

hi again its not the graphics fan its the cpu fan thats going into overdrive everynow and then. i have fitted a couple of case fans to help with cooling but it still does it, any idears peeps?

  citadel 21:40 10 May 2010

get a gellid tranqillo, great cooling, very quiet, cheap.

  simonsup 22:01 10 May 2010

hi citadel, can you explain what that is,cpu cooler?

  citadel 08:18 11 May 2010

yes, just put gellid tranquillo review into google.

  howard64 08:57 11 May 2010

this does sound like an overheating problem - if you checked for a build up of hair dust etc. could I suggest that the position that the unit is in might not be allowing sufficient air flow. Try moving it to a clear position with plenty of free space around it. Also try leaving the side off the case and see if the fan still goes into overdrive when playing the game. If it does not then it is the position/free air around the unit.

  simonsup 18:13 27 May 2010

hi peeps i have drilled a number of small holes
in the side panel for extra ventilation and this
has helped as the pc only does it a couple
of times a day now so i guess i will have to live with it, thanks for the replies.

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