Graphic Card Drivers

  [DELETED] 13:54 06 Nov 2003

I thought new drivers are suppose to improve the performance of your graphics card not degrade the performance.

I uninstalled my previous driver DetonatorXP-Version 28.32 for the latest driver on NVidia's site the Forceware-Version 52.16.

Now when playing Tiger Woods 2003 the graphics are jumpy such as when the camera follows the ball stuttering and sometimes pausing for a second when I was using the previous drivers I didn't have that problem.

Looks like I have uninstall the latest drivers and install the previous ones back in.

  [DELETED] 14:45 06 Nov 2003

The 52.16s are optimised for the latest cards. I would get something like the 45.23 and try them. Get them at click here and make sure you use WHQL versions...

Also make sure the settings within the drivers are correct. You might have turned options off that installing the newer drivers turns on again. Example i notice the DirectX gets switched to Best Image Quality when new drivers are installed whereas i like it on Best Performance.

  [DELETED] 15:00 06 Nov 2003

I have a GeForce2 GTS graphic card.

I did try switching from Best Image Quality to Best Performance, I think there was a very slight improvement but not much as there was still stuttering and pausing as the camera tracked the flight of the ball.

I suppose those latest drivers I installed give best performance for graphic card like the GeForce FX 5950 Ultra & the 5700 Ultra.

  [DELETED] 15:03 06 Nov 2003

You are right but they still support the older cards. I've gone from the 56.16 to the 30.82 due to desktop corruption problems. I'm going to test several versions (all WHQL) from 30.82 to 45.23 to see which is most stable on my system.

Another thing. Did you un-install the old drivers first?

  [DELETED] 15:14 06 Nov 2003

Yes, i did un-install the older drivers first before installing the newer ones.

I think I will un-install the Forceware-Version 52.16 driver and give the 45.23 driver a try from the NVidia site like you suggested.

What does WHQL mean anyway?

  [DELETED] 15:24 06 Nov 2003

WHQL - Windows Hardware Quality Labs. MS tried to get manufacturers to get all drivers tested by MS. If they passed they are marked WHQL and you don't get the silly prompt that they are not WHQL signed when you install them under WinXP. Its a minor thing really because a lot of manufacturers don't use the WHQL mark anymore. They write the drivers and know if they work!!! Still WHQL is just an extra bit of reassurance.

Also uninstall the old drivers and run Detonator RIP also avalible at click here This will flush out all remnants and then instal the new ones..

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