Graphic Card / ATI Message etc

  Furkin 12:46 11 Sep 2011

Asus M4A78LT-M LE + Phenom IIx2 + 4Gb ram + Win 7.

Hi all,

I’ve just installed a Nvidia GT430 Graphic card. This is in place of the ‘on-board’ graphics. Every time I boot up, I get one or other of these error messages.

[IMG][/IMG] - [IMG][/IMG]

I’ve looked into ATI & Catalyst Control Centre, but to be truthful, I just don’t understand it.

I’ve downloaded the latest driver for the card, which only came out last week.

What do these messages mean & how do I deal with them please ?


  gengiscant 13:23 11 Sep 2011

For a start you have installed a Nvidia graphics card so the ATI catalyst control centre and the drivers should have been un-installed and Nvidia drivers installed for your new card instead.

  gengiscant 13:24 11 Sep 2011

PS: Your links do not work.

  octal 13:40 11 Sep 2011
  octal 13:43 11 Sep 2011

This site might be of help.

  Furkin 14:01 11 Sep 2011 -

Thanks. I left the [img] things on the file name. Should be o.k now.

The card came with no instructions. I fitted it & booted up. It seemed to install o.k. and shows up in DM.

To uninstall ATI, do I just go to Programs/Features & delete ?

  Furkin 14:08 11 Sep 2011

Thanks octal,

Hive followed link, & uninstalled ATI etc. Will re boot now, to see what occurs.

  Furkin 14:15 11 Sep 2011

Thanks guys,

all seems well.

all the best Baz

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