graphic card

  acceptmyname 16:15 11 Feb 2007

what is the best and most cost effective graphics card

  GaT7 16:19 11 Feb 2007

Would be helpful if you can provide some more info please....

1. What interface do you need - AGP/PCI-E?

2. What's your present PC spec, including OS?

3. What's your present PC's power supply rating?

4. What games (if any) you're going to be playing?

5. What's your budget?


  acceptmyname 17:29 11 Feb 2007

click here That is my pc spec I am looking to play fear and quake and would like to pay approx £90

  acceptmyname 17:34 11 Feb 2007

I ahve also added 512mb of ram

  GaT7 19:38 11 Feb 2007

From the motherboard specs (initial info taken from click here) it has a 16x PCI-E slot click here.

However, I couldn't find anything about the power supply unit (PSU), so you may have to upgrade this as well if it's not up to the task - e.g. click here.

A 7600GT, or it's closest rival, a X1800 GTO would do nicely I think. While this review click here gives the 7600GT the edge, this one click here does the opposite - probably very little in it.

Graphics cards comparison chart list to compare the above two (& others), with several tests to choose from click here. G

  Totally-braindead 19:43 11 Feb 2007

Agree with Crossbow7 7600GT is about the best for that budget, should play anything at reasonable resolutions. But as said check your power supply, there will be a label on it.

  ed-0 19:45 11 Feb 2007

Also need to take into account the size of the PSU from click here

  acceptmyname 19:52 11 Feb 2007

thanks for the help crossbow that is a shame about the proprietry stuuf sound like it would cost alot of money to upgrade my graphics card then

  Totally-braindead 20:39 11 Feb 2007

You won't know till you check the power supply rating on the unit.

  [email protected] 21:20 11 Feb 2007

i got the 7600gt, will need to upgrade the 350 watt psu to a good 450 watt one, runs all games at max settings on my sr 1909 amd 64 3500+

  GaT7 21:22 11 Feb 2007

Yes acceptmyname, unfortunately I think you're stuffed wrt to a graphics card/PSU upgrade. Unless you can do some DIY rewiring - I suppose the answer given in the 3rd link of my 1st post confirmed this anyway.

Despite the above, I thought you may get away with a standard 24-pin connector PSU (& possibly a new PC case to house it), but came across this - "DO NOT plug a 24pin ATX supply to your Compaq motherboards.....", from click here. This may or may not apply to your model but who's going to take the risk?!

"You won't know till you check the power supply rating on the unit." - T-b, unfortunately I don't think one is going to find a standard PSU that'll match.

My only remaining thought is that many propriety PSUs are usually 'better' than their marked rating. If this is the case with your present PSU, it may be just about adequate to power the 7600GT. So, what I'm saying is to get a 7600GT & try it out - if it doesn't work you'll have to sell it on, probably losing a small amount in process. Hang on! The person on that thread (click here) may have tried it out without the PSU upgrade/found another way - surely worth querying this on that thread. G

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