graphic card

  naughtydevil121 20:01 13 Apr 2004

can someone help - just got a 3d phantom graphic card - pci bus interface.

i have graphics on board sis630

according to the handbook i need to delete the existing driver in display adapter column and shut down and insert card - load computer - sounds really easy - been tryin it for 6 times cant work out what im doing rong.

when i disable the sis630 it tells me to restart the comp to activate - when i restart it loads the sis630 again.
if i dont restart and exit then shutdown and load the new card - when i switch the comp on - its blank screen - took the new card again and it works cos it loads the old sis 630

  keith-236785 23:02 13 Apr 2004

What i think you need to do is to enter the bios and disable the onboard graphics, otherwise each time it reboots the computer installs the software again for the onboard vga.

uninstall the graphics (onboard)in add/remove programs), change to svga in control panel/display then shutdown your computer.

insert the new graphic card and restart your PC.

you will also of course have to change the monitor cable over to the new graohic card connecter.

you should be orompted to insert the driver cd to allow installation of the new card.

  citadel 23:14 13 Apr 2004

when you restart the computer windows should say new hardware found and ask for the new driver. When a agp graphics card is plugged in to the slot the onboad graphics are auto disabled. I do not know if the same happens with a pci card. If not onbord graphics will need to be disabled in the bios.

  Totally-braindead 23:31 13 Apr 2004

citadel is right some onboard graphics are automatically disabled when the computer detects a new graphics card but some aren't. Restart your computer and go in to the Bios ,usually pressing delete does it, press this as the computer boots up (some computers are different it will probably tell you what to press to get to the Bios on the first screen you see).
Once you've done that look through the options, being very careful not to alter any of them, until you find something like disable onboard graphics. If you really get stuck find out the make and model of your computer, particularly the make/model of the motherboard and post back and I'm sure someone will be able to assist you further.

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