Graph drawing

  jhm 08:57 19 Nov 2004

I have to produce individual graphs of pupils performnce figures in 3R's shown against a set target figure. Does anyone know of a way to do this? At present the figures are entered into 3 Excel spreadsheets

  howard60 09:01 19 Nov 2004

Excel has a wizard for producing all sorts of graphs and charts. I have used it for pie charts etc. give it a whirl.

  jhm 09:22 19 Nov 2004

Thanks for thought, but need something I'm not sure Excel can do. The target figures will have to be used like a template on each graph and the the variable results added to it. Merging the individual graph into a Word doc!!!!

  mark3110 09:29 19 Nov 2004

Hi there

You can import, and use Excel Graphs in Word, infact, you can create excel spreadsheets within Word. If you can't find the control for creating a spreadsheet have a look at the helps topics in word.



  Tog_ 10:10 19 Nov 2004

You can enter the target figures into the spreadsheet and when you create the graph, the format for each line displayed can be altered to suit. So you could set the target plot to a dotted bold red line for extra ugliness.

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