Grand Prix II for Win 95

  pj123 14:59 13 Oct 2007

A friend, who likes playing games on his PC, has just rung me with a problem.

He runs a fairly large business and keeps all his accounts etc on the PC (running Win 98SE).

I told him he would be better off buying another PC for all his games and personal stuff and leave the other one purely for business.

He now has another PC with XP SP2. 160gb hard drive, 1gb memory, DVD rewriter etc.

He is now telling me that GPII won’t run on the XP machine. Now, I’m not a gamer but I would have thought XP could cope with it? Or am I wrong?

I have already told him that maybe, it won’t run in XP.

Thanks for any advice.

  Diemmess 16:00 13 Oct 2007


I think GP2 will require himem.sys and other DOS type setup. This began to disappear as Windows moved towards 2k and now XP has practically speaking put a lid on it.

There is I believe software to work around this, but may be too complex to be fun for just one game!

As long as your friend has later games that will run in XP, your advice to him was logical if a mite disappointing

  pj123 16:53 13 Oct 2007

Just rung him and told him to try Compatibility Mode.

Talked him through it but it didn't work. So I guess he has to buy a later version of
GPII. (if there is one?)

  Technotiger 16:55 13 Oct 2007

Grand Prix III works with XP, I have it.

  pj123 17:04 13 Oct 2007

Technotiger. Thanks. Will give him that info.

  umbongo(uk) 18:22 13 Oct 2007

click here
other trying to get it running

as you can see it a lot of bother just for a game to run
do techs suggestion just get the 3 it,ll only be about a fiver

  Technotiger 18:29 13 Oct 2007

I have GPIII plus the 2000 Season add-on. Works fine on my XP HomeSP2.

  davidh50 22:50 13 Oct 2007

Try here pj123, If this is the same Game,

click here

  pj123 13:20 14 Oct 2007

Technotiger, so far, no go. This friend is a millionaire and we all know they don't like buying anything new if they can get an old one to work. (That's how they became millionaires!)

davidh50, tried your link but all I get is "Page cannot be displayed".

He now tells me he has Brian Lara Cricket CD for Win 95/98 and ME, which also doesn't work.

Guess he is going to have to start thinking about spending some money!!

Mind you, he has always seen me right. I maintain his business computers and his shop EPOS till computers. He always pays me the going rate, so I can't complain.

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