grahpic card???

  suzzieQ 15:30 25 Feb 2009

i have Nvidia geforce 6200 pci with vga and dvi connectors. it came with a dvi to vga addapter. what outlet is the best to use? the vga or dvi with vga adapter? i really don't understand why the dvi would have a vga adapter when it has a vga outlet unless there is a difference in performance.
Thank You: suzzie

  Technotiger 16:20 25 Feb 2009

Hi, I have a similar graphics card with the same connections - vga + dvi adapter. I use it with the adapter, to connect to my LCD TV/PC Monitor.
I have not tried it without the adapter, so can't really say if it makes a difference. But certainly my Display is excellent. I would guess, if connection to an ordinary monitor, VGA to VGA would be fine.

  suzzieQ 16:26 25 Feb 2009

Technotiger, im useing a 32" LCD tv also. its a great picture to. i was wondering if it had a technical difference. i'll try it now i here your useing the adapter.

  citadel 17:12 25 Feb 2009

it is so you can connect two vga monitors. new cards have two dvi connectors as most monitors now have dvi connectors, dvi is regarded to have better picture quality.

  DieSse 18:41 25 Feb 2009

If you have a DVI input on your TV - then use a DVI to DVI cable.

If you only have a VGA input on your TV, then use the VGA to VGA cable. Using the DVI port with an adaptor in this case will give you no advantage at all - it may even be slightly worse, as the external adapter may not be such a good converter as the one on the card to the VGA output.

  DieSse 18:43 25 Feb 2009

"....i really don't understand why the dvi would have a vga adapter when it has a vga outlet unless there is a difference in performance."

It's for the case where you want to connect two VGA monitors simultaneously.

  suzzieQ 23:31 25 Feb 2009


  retep888 02:21 26 Feb 2009

<<unless there is a difference in performance>>

Yes,there is. My 30" Dell monitor's DVI port supports upto the native resolution which is 2560x1600 while the VGA port only supports upto 1920x1200.

  DieSse 08:52 26 Feb 2009


That's your monitor - we're talking about the graphics card.

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