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  Furkin 10:37 11 Apr 2017

Asus M5A78L-M LX : Phenom IIx2 : 4gb ram : PSU: OCZ 500w : nVidia GT440 : LG IPS234 : HDD: Samsung 1tb + W.D 1tb : Chrome : Win 10 pro (64) + Avast : Malwarebytes : Spybot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi again,

I'm thinking of upgrading my kit. I reckon just a MB & CPU would be needed.
I may update the Graphics card at a later date.

Is the PSU big enough ?

My existing kit will only take 3gb out of 4gb memory. Is this down to the MB or CPU ?

If the MB is good enough, maybe just a better CPU, so I can use more memory.

I'm not a gamer, nor running massive number crunches, so don't need the very best of graphics.

This isn't urgent, but once it's in the head, it keeps going round.

All advice appreciated.


  Furkin 13:06 14 Apr 2017

Cheers mate:

  Secret-Squirrel 16:26 14 Apr 2017

Thanks for the screenshot Furkin.

The good news is that Windows can see, and is using, all your 4GB of currently installed RAM so I'm now not sure what you meant when you said "My existing kit will only take 3gb out of 4gb memory".

Those memory details tell me that adding more RAM will not make any difference to your PC's performance. You may however want to keep an eye on Resource Monitor while you're using the PC to see if anything changes dramatically. One of the most important indicators is the "Hard Faults/sec" graph. When Windows runs out of RAM it starts using hard drive space as virtual memory which slows everything down. That activity is shown in that graph so if it's constantly showing mostly green then you have a problem. In your case there's just a little blip which is fine.

By the way, I dispute warlord's "i am suprised that your pc is running on 4gb................4gb was considered only just enough to make it work" statement. Windows 10 will work very happily with 4GB for most light everyday tasks.

  Furkin 09:57 15 Apr 2017


Thanks for that. I’ve been buying and upgrading Windows since it started (or at least from version 3 on 5” floppies).

Win 10 was a Free upgrade from my Win 7 ult (32).

I’ll need to come back to this when/if I do upgrade the machine.



"My existing kit will only take 3gb out of 4gb memory".

That must have been when using Win 7. Apologies if it confused matters.

“In your case there's just a little blip which is fine.”

I did see a couple of blips whilst getting ready to S.shot, but after reading your reply, I don’t think it’s killing it.

It looks like I’ll be hanging on a bit before upgrading. I was hoping a new MB (inc mem) & CPU would suffice with my existing parts.

Mind you, I’ve just remembered, I think I can boost the Phenom. Although I did the donkey work, in building this kit into my old Acer case, I had to have help in setting it up & installing the goodies. I seem to recall (not great at recalling nowadays, due to heavy medication) that when he first tried that, it stopped the whole thing, & the MB was returned, apparently not working properly.

I was scared to touch it afterwards, & forgot about it till just now.

Can I tell whether it’s been boosted or not ?

I’m guessing it’s worth doing, and usually works ?!

This isn’t urgent, so if you guys have other members to help, then please carry on.

I appreciate the time you spend on us all.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:26 15 Apr 2017

I think I can boost the Phenom.........Can I tell whether it’s been boosted or not ?

Do you mean "overclock" where its pushed faster than its normal speed? If you do then you first need to know your AMD CPU's exact model number then you can look up its speed. If you're not sure of which Phenom it is then head over to Task Manager's "Performance" section, click on CPU on the left then look top-right for the CPU details. Even if your CPU is overclocked then it may not be reported as such by Task Manager.

When you know the normal speed of your CPU, get it to work really hard - perhaps by viewing a Full-HD YouTube video full screen then look at Task Manger again. You'll need to set Task Manager to "Always on top" for this. If the CPU "Speed" (shown bottom-right) is significantly faster than normal then your CPU has been overclocked.

By the way, make sure your Windows power plan is set to "Maximum Performance" so that the CPU always works at its fastest possible speed.

  BRYNIT 01:00 16 Apr 2017


If you upgraded to Windows 10 you would have a digital license CLICK HERE this will tell you about the license and at the bottom how to activate after reinstalling windows 10. To download windows 10 CLICK HERE

  Furkin 10:22 16 Apr 2017

Thanks again guys,

I don't think it was on about 'over-clocking' in the usual sense, but something it came with. I'll have to dig the box out to remind me. (does the "Hyper-V Support" at the bottom of CPU screen mean anything ?)

I've put the CPU details here, and whilst I'm at it, added the Memory details from the Performance section.




  Furkin 10:55 16 Apr 2017

There's nothing on the box/leaflet, but googling "Phenom IIx2 Black" comes up with ExpertReviews:

The architecture is identical to previous processors in the series. These are actually four core processors, with two cores disabled. Some motherboards have BIOS features, or even dedicated buttons, to try and unlock these extra cores. We’ve usually got an extra processing core using such methods, but had no luck this time on our test sample. As a Phenom II processor, the X2 560 benefits from a large 6MB L3 cache, which lifts its benchmark scores well above that of equivalent Athlon chips in memory intensive applications.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:18 16 Apr 2017

Thanks Furkin.

I can see that you've got an AMD Phenom II X2 560 CPU and it doesn't appear to be overclocked.

"Hyper-V Support" is used for virtual machines and it's not something that the average PC user would ever need.

I can see that your hard drive is very active. If it's always like that then you have a problem as an overactive system drive will slow everything down. However, your screenshot was probably taken when you were pushing the PC to its limits by running something that was resource hungry.

Your memory consumption is high so you should keep an eye on it including Resource Manager's "Hard faults/sec". I see that you've got both RAM slots filled so you'd need to remove a module to make way for a new one if you were to upgrade your RAM. If you bought a 4GB module then you'd only get a 2GB benefit from it sadly.

  Furkin 12:59 16 Apr 2017

I knew I was told the CPU could be 'humped up' somehow, and thought the 2 up to 4 core might be what 'they' meant.

I was hoping that the mention of 8gb on the memory screen meant I could double what i've got.

Looks like i'll be leaving it for a while.

I can manage the mechanical stuff, but the technical stuff that you guys have is beyond me. I now wish i'd learnt about computing from the start, instead of using it as a tool. Mind you, in those days, I was always working so had no time to learn it. I must stop having retrospective thoughts,,,,

thanks all for your kind help and time.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:35 16 Apr 2017

I was hoping that the mention of 8gb on the memory screen......

8GB is the maximum memory available to Windows. 4GB comes from your installed RAM and the other 4GB from the page file on your hard drive.

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