Up Grade Packs, CPU, RAM and Motherboard

  Will 20:09 23 Jan 2005

I have a 1400 AMD and my son has just bought a game that requires me to upgradre the system or buy another computer. I am due one anyway and enjoy tinkering. I bought an upgrade pack last time and had a laugh getting it to work but now I have XP installed over 98SE I am wondering weather to go down the same road. I new Win98 fairly well put am finding XP quite difficult to transition into. Anybody dead against the upgrade or anybody really for it? I want to go to 2 gigs and probably add another HDD(80 Gig).

  gudgulf 20:15 23 Jan 2005

If it is a game that is cause for upgrading then the graphics is the area that will need most attention.Gives us the full spec of your current machine,your budget and the the name of the game in question and we can offer a better opinion.

  Chezdez 20:17 23 Jan 2005

maybe go higher than 2GHz, 2GHz is becoming dated now, you need to look more around 2.5GHz +, or else you'll find yourself in the same situation in 4 months time

another HDD is entirley upto you. do you need more space?

whats yours RAM as well? your gonna need at LEAST 512MB with a 2GHz+ system, or else the RAM and CPU become very uneven

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