Tk_RiceZ 00:00 13 Aug 2004

i have a 17 inch TFT monitor that uses analog single and a 15 CRT that also uses analog signal. i'm currently using a ATI 128Mb 9800 Pro All In Wonder with the TFT, what new gadgets do i need to run both monitors to play game or normal use? and also how much am i looking at? thanks in advance

  Devil Monkey 00:02 13 Aug 2004

You need a graohics card that has dual output as far as I know.

  TBH1 09:36 13 Aug 2004

I'm sure this card has analogue and digital outputs - - if this is the case, and your TFT supports it, attach TFT to card via digital link and CRT via analogue link.

Then again, if I'm talking through me hat - - - - I'll get me coat then :-)

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