GPU no longer outputting a signal?

  Hatchett98 14:22 03 Jan 2018


My problem is that my GPU (R9 270X) wont display to my monitor (I get an 'out of range' error on multiple monitors) and so I am currently using the default basic windows display adapter to use my PC through VGA. I've had my GPU 3 years now. When I plug in the GPU it automatically enables the graphics card and so I receive a blank screen of which I cant operate. I am trying to fresh install the correct drivers and removing the originals first, but with the graphics card powered I cant operate the PC due to 'no signal', hence I'm using windows basis display adapter.

Should my GPU be plugged in (from the 6 pin power plug) when using the Display driver uninstaller(DDU) to uninstall drivers? Is it necessary or will it work without?

Perhaps my HDMI port on my GPU is broke?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Specs AMD FX6350 GPU R9 270X 8GB RAM WINDOWS 10

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